TBOX – Going “Wire to Wire” – A Closer Look

Early on in the History of TBOX, one of our main slogans has been WIRE TO WIRE, BABY!! – Which means, to start at the start, end at the end, and go strong all day long at the 12 Bars of Xmas Bar Crawl, from Opening to Closing Ceremonies, Partying Like a Professional, and having the Time of Your Life.

Over the years, we have had various tokens and contests and knick-knacks to show you went all the way — giving out ACTUAL WIRE at the beginning and end – which we may do again… having you check in places with an app — filling out a game board with stickers — getting rubber-stamped everywhere you go — getting your picture in frames at each bar — and for 2021 and future years, we will announce each year what you need to do to officially go WIRE TO WIRE!!

We want to tell you – we do NOT require you to stay all day, you can come later if you want, you can leave early (like, especially if you meet someone, and you know……) — and, of course we encourage pacing yourself and drinking in moderation so you can last all day!  BUT, we do like to acknowledge people who do go to 12 Bars and go to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and have that drive to complete the event fully!  The official term “Wire to Wire” derives from Sports – in Horse Racing, if a Horse Wins and Leads the Entire Way… in Basketball, if a team wins while leading “Wire to Wire” – in baseball, if you win the World Series while having been in first place every day of the year – you went “Wire to Wire” – so it means, you’re the ultimate winner!

Below, enjoy some pix of “Wire to Wire” from previous years, and stay tuned for this year’s official Wire to Wire requirements!

Actual Wire from TBOX2007 – Green to Start, Red to End

Wire from 2007 - TBOX

Part of a 2015 TBOX Contest Entry – Taking your picture in 12 Frames throughout the day

Multiple Frame Pictures at TBOX

Completed Game Board from 2012 “TBOXOPOLY”

Completed Game Board from TBOX 2012 - TBOXOPOLY


Frames from the TBOX2014 TBOX Zoo – Contest Entry

Multiple Frame Pictures at TBOX

Mister Festa Cutting the Wire to Start TBOX2015

Mister Festa Officially Cutting the Wire at TBOX 2015

Someone who went Wire to Wire at 2009

Someone who went Wire to Wire at TBOX 2009