“Wire to Wire, Baby!

Are you ready to go Wire to Wire on Saturday, December 9 starting at 10AM in Wrigleyville?? “Wire to Wire, Baby!” (WTWB) is the official TBOX slogan. It means that a participant, goes all the way, all out, from start to finish, and leaves it all out on the playing field!  TBOX isn’t something you dabble in… it’s an all-day commitment to outrageous fun. How did it start?


In sports, the term “Wire to Wire” loosely means to not only WIN but to be leading the entire team, showing endurance, style, and class from start to finish. It originated with horse racing (literally, the starting and finishing wires) – and now serves as a reminder: “You’re having the time of your life at 11AM? Guess what? You’ve got 9 hours to go!”  And although crawlers at TBOX and our other events are not required to go from start to end, we respect and admire those partiers with the skill and dedication to pull it off!

Spools of Wire to be Cut for TBOX; Crawlers who Collected Red & Green Wire; WTWB Sign (Click to Enlarge)

This all started when Mr. Festa recognized people for going WTWB at TBOX #3 in 1998. In 2002 we had the idea, “Hey, why don’t we actually GIVE people actual WIRE?”  Green wire at Bar #1, and red wire at Bar #12. Collect both, and you’ve officially gone WIRE TO WIRE BABY. Besides a few people thinking it was licorice and trying to eat it, it became a key part of TBOX tradition.

As TBOX has grown, we’ve had a few different official methods of going WTWB, including filling out a game card, collecting stickers, and taking pictures using our app.

A Crawler Who Successfully Went Wire to Wire at TBOX 2012
A Crawler Who Successfully Went Wire to Wire at TBOX 2012

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