Winner! TBOX2015 Photo Contest!

Congratulations to Lexi B. on winning the BEST #TBOX2015 INSTAGRAM POST this year!!!


Lexi and her friends took the best Instagram photo this year at the Cubby Bear while wearing their most FESTIVE gear and drinking the most delicious BUD LIGHT beverage! What did Lexi win?? A pair of tickets to #BeadQuest2016 and #CYB2016 which are two of the craziest Pub Crawls that will take place in Wrigleyville!! She also won $100 worth of gift certificates to her favorite bars that participated in TBOX 2015!

We would like to thank all of our #FestaPartiers who shared their fun, most creative photos to Instagram and all other social media. We love to see everyone’s experience at the Twelve Bars of Xmas so keep hash tagging us #TBOX2015 @FestaParties