TBOX Videos

Enjoy this 1-Minute Musical Video to GET PSYCHED for TBOX!! Cereal Shots, Sing-a-longs, Costumes, Beer, Booze, and Great People! Get a taste of what you’re in for starting early in the morning on the 2nd Saturday of December!

You’ll get a GOOD FEELING about TBOX when you watch this 1-minute promo video! Check out the crowds, the costumers, the cereal, the dancing, and the partiers from all over the Midwest and the USA at the Original 12 Bars of Xmas in Wrigleyville!

What is the famous TBOX CEREAL SHOT we are always talking about?!?! See some live, hot, cereal shot action right here and while we POUR SOME SUGAR on YOU!! Nothing goes with Bud Light better than Froot Loops and Lucky Charms!

TBOX Founder Chris Festa on the WCIU Chicago TV Show “THE JAM” visits a Chicago costume shop to find the perfect TBOX Outfit. Aired December 2017.

TBOX Founder Christopher Festa on the Chicago FOX Morning TV Show talking about TBOX2017, the 22and Annual 12 Bars of Xmas, and breaking the world record for largest pub crawl ever!

Enjoy this brief musical highlight video from TBOX2016, the 21st Annual Original 12 Bars of Christmas in Wrigleyville, Chicago.

Mr. Festa and some of his Royal Court friends visit the Fox TV Morning Show and Corey McPherrin to talk about #TBOX2016. Originally Aired December, 2016.

Live from Stretch the week before TBOX 2018, WCIU and THE JAM Interviewed the TBOX Gang getting ready for the Big Day!

Following the 12 Bars of Xmas 2016, Mr. Festa from TBOX presents another big donation check to Lakeview Pantry, aired on WGN TV News. We got the Big Check Idea from Michael Scott! 🙂

ABC Chicago TV News Segment about TBOX 2015, the 20th Anniversary TBOX, and our $50,000 of donations to local charities.

Mr. Festa and some of his Royal Court friends from TBOX in Costume on the Fox Chicago TV Morning Show to talk about the 20th Annual 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl in Wrigleyville. Originally aired December 2015.

Chicago RedEye does a big feature on the wonder, glory, pageantry, and PARTYING at TBOX 2015, the 20th Annual Original Festa Twelve Bars of Xmas Crawl in Wrigleyville!

The Chicagoist website created this nice video for TBOX2015, the 20th Anniversary of Festa’s 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl. Enjoy!

Christopher Festa from TBOX Interviewed outside Cubby Bear during TBOX2014, talking about the 19th Annual Twelve Bars of Xmas, and that year’s $50,000 of charitable donations.

Blair Beeken of Second City Chicago check out #TBOX2014 and shows what Chicago Christmas Spirit is all about! Thanks SCTV!

Chicago RedEye’s Mick Swasko visits TBOX 2014 and plays some games with our 12 Bars of Xmas Attendees!

TBOX Royal Court Members in Costume to Talk about #TBOX2013, the “AIR TBOX” Theme, and all the year’s festivities.

Way back in 2007, the Chicago TV Show “METROMIX ON CLTV” visited the Opening Ceremonies of TBOX #12 and did a live report. We found it and have it here for your enjoyment!