Top 12 Reasons to Come to the TBOX 2019 Bar Crawl in Chicago!

There are waaaay more than 12 Reasons, but we’ll narrow it down the best we can leading up to the big event on Saturday, December 14, 2019 in Wrigleyville! Get Tickets Here.

#1 – TBOX is The Original

We pretty much invented bar crawls as an organized party event (Starting in 1996) – and any other pub crawls you see out there started because of TBOX! It’s a business, but we have TBOX every year for our sheer love of pub crawling and bringing joy to thousands of people.

#2 – TBOX is like Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween Rolled in to One!

If you love the Holidays, then TBOX is for YOU! It’s got the festivity of Xmas & New Year’s, the Madness of St. Paddy’s Day, and the Costumes like Halloween, all in one day and one place. EVERYONE dresses crazy, and TBOX is the original costume crawl…

#3 – TBOX is a GREAT DEAL!

When you think about how much you can spend going to a sports or concert event, TBOX is an awesome deal. And you get to PARTICIPATE, not just watch! (that’s what she said)


We have donated to many great local Chicago charities through the years, and this year’s 12 Bars of Xmas will again directly benefit the Lakeview neighborhood, with proceeds from every ticket benefiting the Lakeview East Community Partnership.

#5 – TBOX is LOCAL!

TBOX was founded and is based here in Chitown and is a Chicago Original. TBOX is hosted at dozens of local, locally-owned taverns, bars, and restaurants, and TBOX proceeds benefit local charities. Also, about 20% of all TBOXers come from out of state every year for this Destination Event!


TBOX Attracts Crawlers from all 50 States and Overseas. We’ve also had celebrities such as Country Music Star Brett Eldredge, Big Brother Reality Star Brett Robinson and numerous other TV & Media Celebrities, and We’ve Been Featured all over the Press, Radio, and TV (See it all here!) – TBOX is the place to be for the Biggest Holiday Party!

#7 – TBOX is LOVE!

Over 100 Couples who met at TBOX have gotten married over the last 20 years. You don’t have to be single to attend, but if you’re looking for a Long (or Short!!) Term relationship, EVERYBODY is in a Loving, Friendly Mood at TBOX. Before there was Tinder, TBOX has been the real thing for finding romance.

#8 – TBOX is UNIQUE!

TBOX is all about having a Unique, Creative One-Day Journey through Wrigleyville, and is NOT focused just on drinking. We provide as much entertainment as we can throughout the day… Cereal Shots… Over 2 Million Stickers to Collect… Scavenger Hunts to Win Prizes… Elaborate Opening & Closing Ceremonies… and Yearly THEMES to keep things fresh every year (2019 = MEMES!!!) No other crawl puts so much into creating such a Compelling Entertainment Experience!


There’s no better event in Chicago or anywhere to bring your whole squad and have a One-Day Adventure you’ll NEVER FORGET!


Long before the Cubs Won it All, before Wrigley was redeveloped, before it became one of THE Nightlife Hotspots of Chicago, TBOX was Here! We started in ’96 (in Lincoln Park) and moved to Wrigley in ’99 — and have had TBOX the 2nd Saturday of December Every Year. We’re proud to support the neighborhood and Chicago’s Best Bars!


Though Others Have Attempted, No One Can Truly Recreate the Magic and Glory that is TBOX! TBOX is so Much More than an Excuse to Party with Your Friends! TBOX offers a truly Unmatched Experience!


Ask Almost Anyone in the Greater Chicago Area about TBOX, and they’ll either GET VERY EXCITED or ROLL THEIR EYEBALLS DERISIVELY 🙂 – You either Love it or You Hate it… (and there’s really Nothing to Hate!) – so if you’re over 21 and like to have fun… why not go to THE BEST Bar Crawl there is?! It’s an all-day LoveFest where anything goes, and we welcome EVERYONE of legal age to come and let it all hang out!