Thrillist: 101 Ways You’re Doing Chicago Right – TBOX is on the List!

Thrillist compiled a list of 101 Ways You’re Doing Chicago Right and TBOX took spot #60 AND #61… but what’s #61?? – Link here!

Our friends at Thrillist Chicago, the renowned entertainment website, once again have included the world-famous TBOX, Twelve Bars of Xmas Wrigleyville Bar Crawl in one of their infamous Chicago Lists! In this instance, #TBOX made it in at #60 — You Know You’re Doing Chicago Right If… YOU KNOW WHAT TBOX IS!!!!  Well, needless to say, we are quite pleased with our inclusion in this prestigious list, along with iconic Chicago places / events / things like Ravina, Movies in the Parks, bizarre CTA Behavior, The Italian Beef Stance, THE SEARS NOT WILLIS TOWER, and Chicago Hot Dogs.

But #61………… Really???? REALLY!??!?!  And while we’re at it, #62?!?!?!  Well, you can’t make everyone happy, right??!! But we think that our little Christmas Pub Crawl is EXACTLY the right event to make EVERYBODY HAPPY!!!!  So make sure to register for the next #TBOX — #TBOX2016 is on Saturday, December 10 — and we will see you bright and early on the streets of Wrigleyville at 8AM with all the other happy #FestaPartier Party People!!!  WE LOVE CHICAGO and WE LOVE YOU THRILLIST!!!!