This Year’s TBOX Bar Crawl Theme – Back to the 2000s!

For TBOX2022, Festa’s 26th Annual 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Christmas Bar Crawl in Chicago — This Year’s TBOX Bar Crawl Theme is Back to the 2000s!

We had so much fun celebrating BACK TO THE 90s in our triumphant return for our 25th Anniversary in 2021, that we decided to do the NEXT Decade for this year’s edition of Festa’s Original 12 Bars of Xmas on December 10, 2022 in Wrigleyville!  Get ready to celebrate all the fun stuff from 2000-2010… MySpace, Von Dutch Hats, Ed Hardy Shirts, Ali G and Borat, the debut of “The Office”, The Hangover, The Sopranos, Juicy Couture, and Much More!!!

Ticketing & Info for the TBOX 2022 Bar Crawl is here!  Sign up now!

For info on past TBOX themes, a TBOX tradition since 2009, click here!

TBOX 2022 - #TBOX2022 - BACK TO THE 2000s - 12 Bars of Xmas Chicago Pub Crawl - Twelve Bars of Christmas Wrigleyville Pub Crawl