TBOX 2019 Theme is Announced – Do You Like MEMES?!?!

We’re thrilled to announce the theme and present the poster for #TBOX2019, Festa’s 24th Annual Original Twelve Bars of Xmas, The World’s Largest and Longest Running Pub Crawl. The 2019 Theme is… MEMES!!!  TBOX will be “Meme-Box” Read more below the graphic…

TBOX 2019 Logo - 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl - Chicago Bar Crawls - Wrigleyville Pub Crawl - Christmas Bar Crawl


TBOX Founder and President Christopher Festa is a big fan of Memes, so the idea of making a Bar Crawl about memes, and a fit with TBOX seemed like a total winner. This fall, TBOX will stage a pre-event Meme Contest with prizes for contestants submitting their own TBOX, Holiday, Chicago, and Party-Themed Memes; TBOX Decor and Swag will be Meme-Themed, and the event will feature a Costume Contest for the best Meme-Themed get-up!

TBOX originated in 1996, when Chicagoan Christopher Festa gathered a small group of work friends to celebrate the holidays by traversing 12 bars on a Saturday in December. What began so informally has grown to attract over 200,000 Pub Crawlers from around the world, and has become a Chicago Party Tradition and rite of passage for young adults, singles, and everyone over 21 who loves the holidays, partying, and dressing up and having a blast!

Starting in 2009, Festa began adding a theme to the yearly Christmas production to keep things fresh and provide new opportunities for costumes, decorations, and marketing the event. Past themes have included TBOXopoly, Camp TBOX, TBOX The Motion Picture, TBOX The Zoo, “Toy-Box”, TBOX The Wedding, Air TBOX, TBOX Christmas Vacation, TBOX Class Reunion, and now, in keeping with modern times… MEME-BOX!

TIckets will go on sale Early Summer 2009.For the Latest News..

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