#TBOX2018 - Festa's 23rd Annual Original Twelve Bars of Xmas Crawl - DECEMBER 8, 2018, Wrigleyville, Chicago

TBOX is the Original Twelve Bars of Xmas Chicago Bar Crawl, Founded 1996 by Christopher Festa, the World’s Largest, Longest-Running Pub Crawl. Over 200,000 people have attended our events since 1996.  #TBOX2018 is on Saturday, December 8, 2018, going 10AM-8PM in 40+ Venues in Wrigleyville, Chicago. TBOX is in its 23rd Year, and is the Original, Wildest, Craziest, most “Bucket List” Bar Crawl in the World. We have also donated over $263,000 to local charities over the last 9 years! And this year’s theme is TOY BOX! Not only do we want you to dress as your favorite Christmas Toy, we’re holding a citywide TOY DRIVE in concert with our charitable contributions!

ADVANCE DISCOUNT TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE via Eventbrite (Click Here – Use Code “SEPTEMBER” for 15% off if you don’t already have a coupon!)  Your Ticket includes the Wristband REQUIRED for Admission to All Venues, our TBOX2018 Chicago Flag Gym Bag, Drink Specials from our Sponsors: Bud Light, Goose Island, Fireball, Maker’s Mark, Cruzan Rum, & Effen Vodka, Stickers, Cereal, Admission to Opening & Closing Ceremonies at the Cubby Bear, and MUCH MORE!  This page tells you all you need to know to have YOUR BEST DAY OF YOUR OF 2018 at TBOX with Chicago’s PARTY PEOPLE!


  • Date: December 8, 2018
  • Time: 10AM to 8PM
  • Where: 40+ Venues in Wrigleyville, Chicago, Illinois

TBOX2018 will take place in 40+ Venues within 2-3 blocks of Wrigley Field in Wrigleyville. The official event hours are 10AM-8PM, and the TBOX Wristband will be required for entrance to ALL Venues during this time. You will also be able to attend the Opening Ceremonies at Cubby Bear at 9AM, and the Closing Ceremonies with the band Hello Weekend from 8PM-10PM.

In the PACKET PICKUP section below are the times & places for you to get your Wristband, Badge, Gym Bag, and other goodies either 7-10 days before TBOX, or the day-of on December 8.  Once you do, you’ll be guided to make your own 12 Bar (or more!) route thru the venues. We recommend you arrive early, but it is not required that you be there at the very beginning. Some of the most popular bars will have lines during peak time, but many of the great bars North of Addison or South of Newport / Off Clark Street will be easier to enter!

To get to TBOX, The Addison Red Line Stop, 22 Clark & 156 Addison buses come right to the area! A full list of venues is listed below.

2018/12/08 10:00:00



TBOX is the granddaddy of all pub crawls, and unlike our smaller events, The 12 Bars of Xmas is an ALL DAY, ALL-NEIGHBORHOOD Event, taking place simultaneously in over 40 Bars & Restaurants surrounding Wrigley Field in Chicago. Though we encourage you to go “Wire to Wire” – going all the way from Opening Ceremonies to Closing Ceremonies – you are welcome to start later and go home when you’d like, as long as you pick up your entry wristband beforehand. We split up the (very large) group into 3 or 4 teams with a suggested itinerary, where you can select from multiple bars with the goal of visiting at least 12 throughout the day. We will have different stickers to collect, frames to take your picture in, and other scavenger hunt type activities to move you through the day (more details soon!) It’s an amazing day of costumed fun, and it’s even more fun when you bring all your friends!


TBOX is the World’s Largest, Wildest, Longest-Running Costume Pub Crawl, Christmas Bar Crawl, and a Chicago Party Tradition you cannot miss! Imagine 15,000 of your closest friends, dressed in pajamas and crazy costumes, drinking Bud Light and eating Froot Loops at 10AM in the streets of Wrigleyville… hard to beat, huh?! We will have thousands of boxes of cereal, over 200,000 stickers for you to collect, picture frames, VIP Royal Court Members to take your TBOX Virginity, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, a chance for you to be one of the 200+ couples who have gotten married after meeting at TBOX, prizes, great drink specials, and contributing to a good cause – TBOX has donated over $263,000 to charity since 2009. Want to be up on EVERYTHING? Read ALL ABOUT TBOX and view THE HISTORY OF TBOX Slideshow.


Want to know EVERYTHING about TBOX? How it all started back in 1996? How it grew from 3 people to over 200,000? What on EARTH is with the CEREAL SHOTS? How did the Stickers and Frames Start? And just taking a step back… What the heck IS TBOX anyway?  We guarantee… the More You Know… the More Fun You’ll Have!

View the History of TBOX Slideshow, 1996-Present

Read the ALL ABOUT TBOX… every wacky thing from A to Z!

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The Event Hashtag is #TBOX2018, and we are @TBOXBarCrawls on Instagram and Twitter

During the event, please stay tuned to updates by Following us on TWITTER @TBOXBarCrawls – We will post schedule updates, photos, and flash news alerts.

We will also post updates in the TBOX Facebook Group  – we recommend you Join because this is where you can always get advance news and best discounts.


Packet Pickup will be announced a couple of weeks before the #TBOX2018 Event Date. Usually, we have advance pickup the 1-2 weeks preceding the event, as well as the day of the event, at Murphy’s Bleachers, 3655 N Sheffield. Once you buy your ticket, you’ll receive updates just to ticket buyers telling you where to go to get set. Also, you’ll be able to assign your friends to pick up your materials for you. To make it easiest, give them your t-shirt size and color preference in advance so they can get the right stuff for you.



You will get a goodie packet with your #TBOX2018 ticket that will include one or more of the following items: a TBOX Fashion T-Shirt, TBOX Drawstring Gym Bag, Stickers, Coupons to Local Establishments, Souvenir Laminated Badge, Admission Wristband, and more! We will have the Exact Specifics of What’s Included with TBOX 2018 soon! But rest assured, you’ll have pretty much the greatest day of your life along with all the stuff you’ll get! 🙂


As the TBOX2018 Event Date gets closer, we will post and continually update the Gift Cards & Coupons you get with your TBOX ticket. You’ll receive these materials when you pick up your packet in advance of the event.


TBOX, Festa’s Original Twelve Bars of Xmas Bar Crawl in Wrigleyville, is one of the greatest party days in Chicago and an event you CANNOT miss! We’ll have all the details here soon for the 2018 Edition!


We will post all the TBOX 2018 Drink & Food Specials Here in advance of the event date on December 8, 2018. TBOX Bar Crawls feature Bud Light and Goose Island Beers, and we will also have Mixed Drink specials from our Liquor Sponsors TBA!

750x500 TBOX 12 Bars of Xmas Logo - Chicago Bar Crawl - Chicago Pub Crawl - Twelve Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl
  • Bud Light will be $3 at Most Bars, but we will specify the exact prices for each location here before the TBOX Event!
  • Goose Island Beers will be $4 at Most Bars, but we will specify the exact prices for each location here before the TBOX Event!
  • The exact mixed drink specials at #TBOX2018 will be listed here before the event on December 8!


The #TBOX2018 23rd Annual 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl Map & Guide will be published here in advance of the event. All Venues are within a 2-3 block radius of Wrigley Field, centered around the corner of Clark & Addison streets in Wrigleyville. All bars are within walking distance of each other, and all bars will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC during the entire day of TBOX, and will require a TBOX Wristband for Admission.

750x500 TBOX 12 Bars of Xmas Logo - Chicago Bar Crawl - Chicago Pub Crawl - Twelve Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl



We will be listing all the #TBOX2018 Event Venues below as they are confirmed. The bars are shown below in alphabetical order with addresses, and all are within a 2-3 block walk of Wrigley Field. All bars are CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC the day of TBOX on December 8, 2018, with a Wristband required for admission.

Beer on Clark
3415 N Clark

3647 N Clark

Country Club
3462 N Clark

Cubby Bear
1059 W Addison

Dark Horse
3443 N Sheffield

Deuce’s & Diamond
3505 N Clark

3441 N Sheffield

3369 N Clark

Irish Oak
3511 N Clark

John Barleycorn
3524 N Clark

3516 N Clark

Moe’s Cantina
3518 N Clark

Murphy’s Bleachers
3655 N Sheffield

Nola Pub
3481 N Clark

Old Crow Smokehouse
3506 N Clark

3358 N Sheffield

Rizzo’s Bar & Inn
3658 N Clark

Roadhouse 66
3478 N Clark

3477 N Clark

3540 N Clark

3485 N Clark

3554 N Clark


Think of TBOX as a cross between Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and YOUR Birthday, all rolled into one. TBOX is the original costume pub crawl, and we encourage you to go ALL OUT in your craziest, most colorful holiday gear… take a look at our picture galleries to get an idea of how people dress.

In addition to dressing for the Holidays, we also have a Yearly TBOX Theme, and 2018’s theme is… TOY-BOX! TBOX this year is all about Toys, and you are welcome to dress as your favorite Christmas (or other…) toy! Past themes have included Christmas Vacation, Summer Camp, TBOX-opoly, TBOX Zoo, and TBOX the Movie. But this year, it’s all about the TOYS!  But some great reliable costumes to always wear are: Ugly Sweaters, Footie Pajamas, Santa-Wear, Red and Green, Reindeer Antlers, Mistletoe… anything related to Xmas and the holidays!

This section will be updated within a month before the 2019 Edition of Cover Your Bases, but you are welcome to browse through if you are curious!

What Do I Do Once I Buy My Ticket?

After registration, you must come in for packet pickup to get your WRISTBAND, SCHEDULE, BADGE, LANYARD, and Swag Items. Hours and Locations will be announced on this page shortly in the Packet Pickup Section.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Participants must be 21 Years of Age or Older.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

The Addison Red Line / Wrigley Field Stop and Addison and Clark CTA Buses come directly to the part of Wrigleyville where the 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl takes place. We highly recommend taking public transportation, and definitely not driving! Many people take Uber or Lyft, and from the Suburbs, the Metra trains are packed with people in TBOX costumes!  We love our suburban crawlers!

What’s the refund / transfer policy?

There are NO REFUND or Price Adjustments on tickets, but you may transfer the ticket to another person before the event. Notify TBOX Bar Crawls of who you have authorized to redeem your ticket.

Do I have to come the whole time? Can I start later?

You are encouraged to come the whole time and go “Wire to Wire” – but once you get your Wristband and materials, you can come or go any time during the event between 10AM-8PM. We will also announce the times for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at Cubby Bear.

Do you have any paid affiliates or opportunity to get free tickets for doing promotion?

Yes – please contact TBOX Bar Crawls if you’d like to find out how to get free tickets in exchange for helping promote the event through social media.

What Other Events are Coming Up?

All our upcoming events are listed here on our website. We have the BeadQuest Mardi Gras Crawl in February, the TBOX Baseball Crawl in May, and a monthly Friday Night Happy Hour Party. The 12 Bars of Xmas is the biggie, but if you’re looking for something more “intimate”, check out our other crawls!


For the month of September, use the Promo Code “SEPTEMBER” to get an additional 15% off TBOX2018 tickets!

We are offering great Early Bird Discounts for Single TBOX Tickets and Groups of 12 or more. Contact Us if you would like to inquire. Please be ready to buy, as these offers will be good just for 24 hours to avoid price-fishing!

If you’d like a FREE ticket, contact us – by performing a few online / social media promotional activities, you can earn a free ticket to the event – we’ll provide you with specifics!

Also, if you have a LARGE GROUP (20 or More) – contact us about providing you with a private coupon code.


TBOX Bar Crawls is providing a wide range of opportunites for party people out there to make money promoting our events via social media and in person to their friends and network!  We have completed our recruiting of promoters and affiliates for #CYB2018, but will be doing much more for our upcoming 2018 events including the big one, #TBOX2018, Festa’s 23rd Annual Twelve Bars of Xmas Bar Crawl in Wrigleyville this December 8.  For more information, Contact Us Via Email or Call 773-478-3378


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TBOX Bar Crawls has donated over $263,000 to local charities since 2009, and we’re thrilled to be able to contribute and give back to the Chicago area and Lakeview Community that we call home!  We donate a percentage of all our annual event proceeds to charity, and will be making another series of large donations this fall and winter in coordination with the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce. For more information on our charitable contributions, please click here!