Official #TBOX Royal Court #Classof2016 Pledge Scavenger Hunt List

Pledges to the #TBOX2016 #RoyalCourt need to get 21 of these items by August 31!  The rules are as follows –

  • Take photo/video with your Festa Koozie and/or #FestaPartier T-Shirt
  • Post FIRST to the #FestaPartier Facebook Group, then Share to Your Own Facebook Page
  • Include your TBOX Coupon Code and the LINK to the TBOX Ticket Page – “”
  • Identify which # on the list and what item it is you’re doing!  If you are doing more than one thing at once – pick one! – we need 21 separate photos!
  • Spread them out every few days, don’t post a bunch at once. Tease us, keep us entertained!
  • YOU Must Appear in every pic along with the Koozie or T-Shirt
  • The following items are MANDATORY – #66, #67, #100 – and you must get ANY 2 out of #68 thru #77!
  • Good Luck!!!


1 At The Bean Chicago
2 Eating A Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
3 Eating A Chicago Hot Dog or Italian Beef Sandwich
4 With A CTA Bus Driver, On Duty
5 With An In-Uniform Chicago Firefighter
6 With An In-Uniform City of Chicago Policeman
7 At Any Chicagoland Metra Station
8 At Any CTA El Stop, with name of stop in background
9 With Any Current Player of the Chicago Blackhawks, Bulls, Bears, Sox, Cubs
10 With Attorney Peter Francis Geraci
11 At Sears Tower Skydeck or Top of Hancock
12 At Soldier Field
13 With The Chicago River
14 With The Chicago Skyline in the Background
15 At The Picasso in Chicago
16 At The Water Tower in Chicago
17 On A Boat
18 In A Bank or Post Office
19 In A Bowling Alley
20 Holding A Cat or Dog
21 In A Gap, Express, or Banana Republic, J Crew, A&F, or AeroPostale
22 With A Garbageman in Uniform
23 Riding A Horse, Pony, Unicycle, or Tricycle
24 In A Hotel Concierge, On Duty
25 In A Mall Food Court
26 At A Miniature Golf Course
27 With A Monopoly Board and Big Pile of Money
28 In A Movie Theater
29 With A Nurse in Uniform
30 At A Parade of Any Kind
31 On A Planet Besides Earth
32 On A Roller Coaster
33 With A Statue or Portrait of Abe Lincoln or Michael Jordan
34 In A Swimming Pool or on a Waterslide
35 On A Trampoline or Bouncy-House
36 On A Twister Mat, with 4 Limbs Down
37 With A UPS or FedEx Driver
38 At A Wedding
39 With A Working Starbucks Barista
40 With A Working Walgreens or CVS Employee in Uniform
41 In Any Dentist’s Office
42 In Any Donut Shop
43 In Any Dry Cleaners
44 In Any Hair Salon / Barber Shop with your Stylist
45 In Any Nail Salon
46 While Brushing Your Teeth or Flossing
47 In Front of the Bud Light Signs at a Beer Tent at a Street Festival
48 While Planking or Tebowing
49 While Standing in Front of Any Sign with Misspelled Words or Bad Punctuation
50 Eating Sushi or Ice Cream
51 At The Gym
52 In The Produce Section of a Supermarket with Some Good Looking Fruit
53 While Underwater
54 While Wearing a Tuxedo or Formal Evening Gown
55 While Wearing Goofy Sunglasses
56 In Your Bed
57 With Your Brother or Sister
58 With Your High School or College Diploma
59 With Your Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa
60 At A Cubs Game in Wrigley Field or White Sox Game in US Cellular
61 At Any Minor League Baseball Game
62 At Any MLB Baseball Game besides Wrigley or US Cellular
63 At Any MLB Stadium Outside Chicago
64 While Playing Softball or Volleyball
65 With A Bud Light or Goose Island Beer In Can or Bottle
66 **** Mandatory — With 3 Current TBOX Royal Court Members (Not Including Mr. Festa)
67 **** Mandatory — With Christopher “Mr Festa” Festa
68 With Brittany or Shiming from Bar Celona
69 With Freddy From Murphy’s Bleachers
70 With J, Justin, or Maggie from Irish Oak
71 With JJ or Ashley from Stretch
72 With Lisa from Rockwood
73 With Matt from Roadhouse 66
74 With Pete, Billy, or Shannon from Country Club
75 With Ryan, Sean, Or Kev From BEER
76 With Shane from Duffy’s
77 With Will from Trace
78 In The Batting Cage at Sluggers
79 With The Mr. Festa Plaque at Fatpour
80 On The Outdoor Patio @ Vines or Sports Corner or Murphy’s or Old Crow
81 At A Big Ten University Campus
82 At A State Capitol Building in the United States
83 At An ACC or SEC or Big 12 or Pac 12 University Campus
84 At Any Other University or College Campus
85 At Any United States National Park
86 In Indiana
87 In Iowa
88 In Las Vegas or Disney World
89 In Michigan
90 In Minnesota
91 In Missouri
92 In Ohio
93 In Wisconsin
94 With The Hollywood Sign or Golden Gate Bridge in California
95 With The St Louis Arch
96 With The Washington Monument, US Capitol, or White House
97 In Times Square or the Statue of Liberty, New York
98 With Any Major Celebrity! (Up to 3 Allowed – Judges will Decide)
99 In Any Country Outside the USA (Up to 3 Diff Countries, Must be Very Identifiable)
100 **** Mandatory – Video of You Doing a Cereal Shot


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