What it means to be a TBOX Virgin – And What We Do For You

Will #TBOX2017 be your first TBOX? We deeply appreciate first-timers who take the plunge to do TBOX – it’s a True BUCKET LIST EXEPRIENCE that you have to do to be a TRUE CHICAGO PARTIER!!!  We know that some of you have no idea what you’re getting into, and we want to make sure you’re treated properly and that people know to show you the ropes. That’s why we make these Bright Pink TBOX VIRGIN stickers that you can proudly wear all day. And to LOSE your TBOX VIRGINITY, you have to get a Royal Court Member to do a little thing and then sign off on your sticker.  Read on for details!

TBOX - 12 Bars of Xmas - Bar Crawl - Wrigleyville, Chicago
The TBOX Virgin Sticker You Need to Get Signed!
People Losing TBOX Virginity with Cereal Shots at TBOX!
People Losing TBOX Virginity with Cereal Shots at TBOX!

How Did This Start?  Back in 2002, Mr. Festa decided to start printing stickers on his home printer, and he had the idea to give out little “Virgin” stickers to first-timers. People loved it, and we started making them fancier and fancier.

In order to LOSE your TBOX Virginity, you need to do the following:

  1. Make sure to get your VIRGIN sticker at the TBOX packet pick up
  2. Find a TBOX Royal Court Member
  3. Have them Give You a Cereal Shot or a Kiss
  4. Take a Picture
  5. They’ll sign your sticker
  6. Ta-da… no longer a TBOX VIRGIN!

    … and, enjoy the pictures below from past years!
We Can Do This The Easy Way Or.....
We Can Do This The Easy Way Or…..

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