TBOX – Festa’s Twelve Bars Of Xmas Bar Crawl – #TBOX2018 on December 8 in Wrigleyville, will be the 23rd Annual Original 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl!

Thanks all 12,000+ who came to #TBOX2017, Christmas Vacation! We surpassed the current world record largest pub crawl by 240%!!! (Read Here!)

TBOX 2017 - #TBOX2017 - Promotional Poster for Chicago Pub Crawl / Wrigleyville Bar Crawl / 12 Bars of Xmas Chicago Event on Saturday, December 9, 2017

Thanks for Coming to #TBOX2016 – Photo Album #1 * Photo Album #2 * Photo Album #3
THE ORIGINAL 12 Bars of Christmas…
The World’s Largest Bar Crawl – The Chicago Christmas Party in Wrigleyville You CAN’T MISS!

#TBOX2017 is Saturday, December 9, 2017 in Chicago!  For Latest News, Join Our TBOX FB Group and RSVP to the #TBOX2017 Facebook Invite

TBOX - Festa Parties 12 Bars of Xmas / Twelve Bars of Christmas / 12 Bars of Christmas Pub Crawl / Chicago Bar Crawl / #TBOX / #TBOX2016 / Chicago Christmas Pub Crawl in Wrigleyville
TBOX at the Cubby Bear, 9:15AM, Saturday, 12/12/2015

TBOX®, Founded in 1996 by Chicagoan Christopher Festa, is the World’s Largest and Most Spectacular Bar Crawl, taking place in Wrigleyville, Chicago, USA. #TBOX stands for the (T)welve (B)ars (O)f (X)mas, an annual event held the Second Saturday in December starting at 8AM. Begun in 1996, TBOX started out as just another Bar Crawl, but has become the largest event of its kind in the world. TBOX has taken place 21 TIMES, and the the 22nd Annual TBOX Bar Crawl is set for Saturday, 12/09/17! We will have details soon on the gifts you’ll get with admission, the charities which monies will be donated to, entertainment, specific drink and food specials, and much, much more!!

Plan now to be a part of the glory, the power, the passion, the pageantry, the love, and the craziness that is TBOX, an event that draws tens of thousands of costumed partiers from Chicago, the Midwest, and all 50 states of the USA!

TBOX was founded in 1996 by Mister Festa as a small, informal outing for a few of his friends from work, and has grown from about 60 people the first year to an attendance of around 20,000 people each of the past 4 years. Originally a sequential tour of 12 bars (based, of course, on the “12 Days of Christmas” carol), TBOX is now an all-day event, going from 8am to 8pm, including almost every bar in the area near Wrigley Field. Since 2007, the TBOX Opening and Closing Ceremonies have taken place at the world-famous Cubby Bear across from the Wrigley Field marquee. TBOX is now produced and operated by TBOX Incorporated.

TBOX and owner Christopher Festa have donated and raised over $250,000 in cash, clothing, and tons of cereal for local and national charities over the 20 past years, including Lakeview Pantry, CPD Memorial Foundation, Chicago Dance Marathon, and many other worthy causes.

Festa Parties is proud to donate to Lakeview Pantry and Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

Enjoy the video below which highlights #TBOX2015 IN ALL OF IT’S GLORY – and click the buttons to view our thousands of photos. The 20th TBOX, the movie-themed TBOX THE MOTION PICTURE, featured glorious weather in the low 60’s, with an incredible crowd enjoying Bud Light, Goose Island, Thousands of Cereal Shots, 239,000 Stickers, 45+ great venues, and a bucket list memory for a lifetime!

We continually strive to make TBOX bigger, better, cooler, and more epic every year. Among the things that set it apart from other pub crawls…

  • It starts insanely early in the morning (8am… but you’ll need to get up even earlier to be ready!)
  • Everyone dresses in outrageous costumes
  • Bud Light and Goose Island Drink Specials + Drink Tokens for Morning & Evening
  • We distribute hundreds of thousands of funny stickers
  • We have oversized picture frames at every stop
  • It is THE place to be if you’re single, fun, and anywhere in the Midwest
  • Cereal is flying everywhere.. yes, EVERYWHERE! Click here to read more about cereal at TBOX!

So if you’ve never been to TBOX… if you’ve just been a little nervous… if you just turned 21… it’s something you NEED to do on your Bucket List. Check out the links at right to learn everything you need to know about…

The 12 Bars of Xmas Bar Crawl – The World’s Largest Pub Crawl and America’s Destination Chicago Christmas Party Event!

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2016 Photo Album #1

2016 Photo Album #2
2016 Photo Album #3
2015 Photo Album #1
2015 Photo Album #2
2015 Photo Album #3
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