TBOX Reality TV Series in Development! JOIN US December 10 to be a part of it!

TBOX is thrilled to announce Crawl Star*, a reality television series currently in development for 2017. The show will chronicle TBOX Founder Christopher Festa, the TBOX Royal Court, TBOX Crawlers, and ALL THE DRAMA that goes into the planning, production, and partying that goes into pulling off the World’s Craziest Bar Crawl. How Can YOU be a part of it?! CLICK HERE and Read Below for Details — make sure to BE THERE NEXT SATURDAY Dec 10 at #TBOX2016 in Wrigleyville!

TBOX - Television TV Reality Series in Development - Christopher Festa, 12 Bars of Xmas, Twelve Bars of Christmas Bar Crawl - Wrigleyville Pub Crawl

For a chance of being a part of Crawl Star, Register for #TBOX2016, wear your WILDEST costume, DO A CEREAL SHOT, Lose Your TBOX Virginity if you need to, go WIRE TO WIRE at the 12 Bars of Xmas with our Snapchat filters. We’ll be recruiting actively for members of the 2017 ROYAL COURT some of whom will be featured in the show**. Take a 30-45 second video of your adventures the day of TBOX and post in our TBOX INC FB Group. You can also let us know in advance you’re interested in being TBOX Royalty, and your chance to be a CRAWL STAR!!

* Working Title for Project Under Development
** Participation Voluntary!

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