TBOX Annual Themes – A Closer Look

Every Year at the TBOX 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl in Chicago, We Have a New, Fun, and Different THEME for that year’s event.  And for TBOX2021, the theme is BACK TO THE 90s!!!  We started doing this, because after 12 year or so, Mr. Festa decided he wanted to keep the event new, fresh, and creative both for the people coming back every year, and for the flocks of new people joining each year.  So in 2007 & 2008, he created posters and badges with the Sgt. Pepper’s Album Cover theme, then the “Deal or No Deal” theme, but then in 2009, fully dived into the TBOX Theme-Ology.  The themes by year are…

  • TBOX2009 – TBOX High School Yearbook
  • TBOX2010 – TBOX Amusement Park
  • TBOX2011 – Camp TBOX
  • TBOX2012 – TBOX-Opoly
  • TBOX2013 – Air TBOX
  • TBOX2014 – TBOX Zoo
  • TBOX2015 – TBOX The Motion Picture
  • TBOX2016 – TBOX The Wedding
  • TBOX2017 – TBOX Christmas Vacation
  • TBOX2018 – TBOX “Toy-Box”
  • TBOX2019 – TBOX “Meme-Box”
  • TBOX2021 – TBOX Back to the 90s

Below are some of the posters and materials from these years… you can see them all in the History of TBOX Section also!

TBOX 2009 - High School Yearbook - 12 Bars of Xmas

TBOX 2010 - Amusement Park - It's A Crawl World After All

Camp TBOX 2011 - Twelve Bars of Xmas, Chicago Events, Chicago Pub Crawl

TBOX 2012 / TBOXOPOLY / Twelve Bars of Xmas Chicago Bar Crawl

Air TBOX 2013 / Chicago Christmas Crawl / Wrigleyville Pub Crawl

TBOX Zoo - 2014 Chicago Pub Crawl, 12 Bars of Xmas

2015 - TBOX Movie Theme - TBOX Bar Crawl, TBOX The Motion Picture

TBOX 2016 - TBOX The Wedding

TBOX / Christmas Vacation Theme / Chicago Christmas Pop-Up, Chicago Bar Crawls

2018 / TBOX / Toy Box / Toy Pub Crawl

Meme Bar Crawl - Meme Box - TBOX Chicago Bar Crawl, Festa Parties, Festa Pub Crawl

TBOX 2021 - The 12 Bars of Xmas Chicago Christmas Pub Crawl