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TBOX is a true Destination Event that attracts crawlers from all 50 States of the USA, Dozens of Countries, and lots of Press, TV, and Social Media Coverage!  ABC, CBS, Fox Chicago, Thrillist, RedEye, Playboy, TimeOut, WGN and More… AND… You never know who you’ll run into at Festa’s Original Twelve Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl in Chicago!

Country Star Brett Eldredge Does TBOX!

Brett Eldredge TBOX Bar Crawl Photo with CaptionCountry Star Brett Eldredge Appearing at TBOX Bar Crawl in Wrigleyville, Chicago

TBOX Featured On The News… Check Out These Videos!

CBS TV Calls TBOX Best Bar Crawl in Chicago (and we took 3 of the top 5 Spots!)

CBS Calls TBOX Best Bar Crawl in Chicago

RedEye / Metromix Features TBOX Centerfold Spread

TBOX Featured in Chicago News / 12 Bars of Xmas / Chicago Events

Thrillist Chicago Calls TBOX “Top Thing to Do Before You Turn 30”

CBS Calls TBOX Best Bar Crawl in Chicago

Thrillist Chicago Calls TBOX #78 of “The 99 Problems with Chicago” – We’re Honored to be Right Above MALORT FACE!! 🙂  Also, Thrillist Calls Us one of the Great Drinking Days of the Year, and one of the 101 Ways You Know You’re Doing Chicago Right!

CBS Calls TBOX Best Bar Crawl in Chicago

TBOX has been featured as the COVER STORY of the Chicago RedEye Entertainment Newspaper THREE TIMES – In 2010, 2017, and 2018. To Read the “History of TBOX” article in the Chicago Tribune, Read Here!

CBS Calls TBOX Best Bar Crawl in Chicago