TBOX Friday Night Parties

October 5, November 16 & December 14, 2018

TBOX, Chicago’s Party People since 1996, practically INVENTED Bar Crawls and we have rocked Chicago hundreds of times going from bar to bar to bar. But now, if you can’t wait for our big bar crawl events, we’re having Monthly FRIDAY NIGHT Parties / Happy Hours where you can get a great deal on food & drinks and hang out and meet some cool people. This page will announce the event dates and you can buy advance tickets for most events for just FIVE DOLLARS!!  Usually you will get 2 or more drinks PLUS a food buffet with your ticket!

TBOX October 5 Happy Hour at Replay Lincoln Park, 2833 N Sheffield – Register Now

TBOX November 16 Happy Hour – Register Now


Each of our TBOX Friday Night Party Events will feature Food & Drinks included with your ticket (usually 2 or more drinks plus a food buffet), as well as prizes and giveaways like t-shirts, koozies, gift cards, and other swag! We will usually have a section of the bar reserved for our group as well.  If you’re a longtime attendee of TBOX Bar Crawls or a newbie looking to meet people, our Friday Parties are a great way to get your feet wet!  Many of the TBOX VIPs will be in attendance as well as TBOX Owner & Founder Christopher Festa.  So come out & have some fun!


If you’d like to get a free ticket to this event, please contact us via email here and we will tell you what you need to do!  Typically, depending on the ticket price, we will ask you to post the event link on your Facebook or Twitter, or Share our Event Graphic on your Instagram. In other cases, you can get free tickets by adding 100-500 people to the event Facebook Invitation. So email us or call 773-478-3378 for details!


TBOX Bar Crawls is providing a wide range of opportunites for party people out there to make money promoting our events via social media and in person to their friends and network!  We have completed our recruiting of promoters and affiliates for #CYB2018, but will be doing much more for our upcoming 2018 events including the big one, #TBOX2018, Festa’s 23rd Annual Twelve Bars of Xmas Bar Crawl in Wrigleyville this December 8.  For more information, Contact Us Via Email or Call 773-478-3378


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TBOX Bar Crawls has donated over $263,000 to local charities since 2009, and we’re thrilled to be able to contribute and give back to the Chicago area and Lakeview Community that we call home!  We donate a percentage of all our annual event proceeds to charity, and will be making another series of large donations this fall and winter in coordination with the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce. For more information on our charitable contributions, please click here!