Costumes at the TBOX Christmas Bar Crawl

TBOX is THE ULTIMATE COSTUME PARTY!! You will see some of the most amazingly dressed people in your life walking down Clark Street and in and out of the bars on TBOX day. It’s like Halloween, St Paddy’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Mardi Gras, and the Cubs Winning the World Series all in one!!  See below for some highlights of costumes through the years – and when you come to TBOX – Be Sure to Wear your WILDEST, CRAZIEST, Most Colorful, most OUTRAGEOUS Christmas / Holiday Costume You Can!!!  And… you can also just express yourself any way you like with whatever over-the-top costume you like!

A few practical tips on what to wear:  Comfortable Shoes, that you don’t mind messing up   *   Don’t Bring your Best Coat or Jacket… and if it’s warm enough, you can try going without   *   Wear Something you can carry your Phone, ID, & Cards in   *  Have Fun!