TBOX & Festa Parties Donate $15,000 to the Lakeview East Community Partnership!

Following TBOX2021, the producers of TBOX – Festa Parties Incorporated – donated $15,000 to the Lakeview East Community Partnership to continue support of the Lakeview East and Wrigleyville community where all our major events take place!   We’d like to thank the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce and Maureen Martino for their continued, ongoing, wonderful support for the event, which is greatly appreciated, as we love being part of the community.

TBOX would also like to thank our 8 Local Charities who served as our bar hosts that we helped raise money and awareness for – and – we also hosted a Food Drive for Lakeview Pantry, and want to thank those that brought in food – and we also donated several cases of our beloved CEREAL to the Pantry as well!    TBOX and Festa Parties have now donated over $315,000 to Charities in Chicago!  Thanks so much to all who’ve supported us!


TBOX Donations to Charity