TBOX Founder Chris Festa Guest Lectures for DePaul Marketing Class!

Christopher Festa, founder of TBOX Chicago Bar Crawl, was asked to speak to the Marketing Class at DePaul to discuss what it takes to become a successful business owner!

Chris Festa was asked to speak to the DePaul Marketing Class to motivate the young minds about how to create a business that you love but is also a success. Chris’s use of Social Media was one of the many outlets that helped TBOX Chicago Bar Crawl, Twelve Bars of Xmas become one of the largest bar crawls in the Midwest. Students got inspired by Chris’s story about how a hobby can turn into a profitable business. Festa enjoyed speaking with the class, sharing the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur that he has experienced firsthand.

TBOX started in 1996 in Chicago with 60 people and in 2012 it had grown to over 20,000 people who fly in from all over the world to experience one of the biggest winter parties that Chicago has to offer.

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