TBOX2021 – Day of Event Information & Guide

This Page Will Include All The Information you need for #TBOX2021, Festa’s 25th Annual 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl, taking place in around 30 bars in Wrigleyville, Chicago, on Saturday, December 11, 2021. The event will starts MID-MORNING with a time TBD – likely 10AM / 1030AM / 11AM. The event will begin at the World-Famous Cubby Bear across from Wrigley Field on Clark & Addison with our OPENING CEREMONIES.  Then, it will be a Round Robin of the 30 Bars until early evening, when all will come back to Cubby Bear for Closing Ceremonies!

On this page, we are showing Some of the Info from TBOX2019 so you can get a sense of what TBOX 2021 will look like!  We will then update this page regularly as the details come in!

First Off, Make Sure you BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW  via EVENTBRITE – the earlier you buy, the less they’ll be, before going to the full price the last week!

TBOX Map from 2019 for Example Purposes

How to Register / Event Wristband Pickup

To attend TBOX2021, you must:

1) Buy a Ticket Online via Eventbrite, then

2) Take the Receipt and Get your Wristband and other materials In Advance the Week Before, or the Day-Of at Designated Locations

You can come to MURPHY’S BLEACHERS , 3655 N SHEFFIELD – Hours TBD – from Monday, 12/6 thru Saturday 12/11 to get your wristband in advance. If you email us, you can authorize a friend to pick up your materials for you to save time and a trip!

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11 – DAY OF TBOX – We will have a desk at Murphy’s Bleachers starting in the early morning and most of the day if you cannot come in advance.  If the event doesn’t sell out, you can also buy tickets that morning there.

NOTE – Last Year’s Event Map is shown here, but we’ll put the 2021 map as soon as bars are finalized!

Event Schedule

We will have a full schedule of the event and all the activities posted here once the details are established in the Fall of 2021!  Stay Tuned!

TBOX - 12 Bars of Xmas Chicago Christmas Pub Crawl

Get Ready for the Time of Your Life on Saturday, December 11 at TBOX2021!!

Wrigleyville Chicago 12 Bars of Christmas Pub Crawl - TBOX
TBOX Pub Crawl - Wrigleyville Chicago Christmas Bar Crawl - 12 Bars of Xmas by Festa Parties
Wrigley Bar Crawl - Chicago Christmas Pub Crawl - TBOX, The 12 Bars of Xmas in Chicago
Wrigley Bar Crawl - Chicago Christmas Pub Crawl - TBOX, The 12 Bars of Xmas in Chicago

TBOX Drink Specials and Sponsors will be shown here when they're set!

TBOX is always an awesome value, with a great drink selection – once we have our Sponsors and Drink Specials signed up for Beer, Seltzer, and other Drinks & Food, we will publish it here!

Chicago Events / Things to Do in Chicago / 12 Bars of Xmas - TBOX Pub Crawl, Chicago Christmas Bar Crawl

Making the Most of Your TBOX Experience

Our Goal is to Make TBOX Your Most Memorable Day of the Year! Christopher Festa started The 12 Bars of Xmas Back in 1996, with the goal of Having Fun with His Friends and Making New Ones (Read Here!)  We strive to make TBOX about creative fun and joy – not just drinking! So here are some tips for you to have the best day you can…

  • Go to The Opening Ceremonies at Cubby Bear & Get There Right when it starts!
    The energy and excitement of having everyone together, early, ready to rock, is unbeatable!  It’s worth waking up for
  • Dress is a Fun Costume, but Wear Comfortable Shoes, and Don’t Bring Your Best Coat
    Your shoes will get really messy, and we don’t want your nice coat to get ruined either. And check the weather forecast — if it’s over 45/50F or so, which it has been many times, you don’t need a heavy coat, especially if your costume is elaborate and hot.
  • Pace Yourself and Drink in Moderation!
    TBOX is an amazing spectacle of magic, color, and wonder… you want to take in every minute of it!  It’s 9 – 12 hours of fun, and if you take it a little easy, you’ll be going strong by evening time and go WIRE TO WIRE all the way to the Closing Ceremonies! It’s an accomplishment!
  • Be Open to Meeting New People and Mingle as Much as Possible
  • Try to Make it to at least 12 bars or more, and remember the smaller bars can be as much fun or more than the big ones!
  • Do All the Fun Stuff – Collect Stickers, Do a Cereal Shot Take Pictures in the Frames, Do it All!
  • EAT!  Don’t forget to eat!
  • This is How People Used to Meet and Mate Before Tinder, Bumble, & Dating Apps — so if you’re single, here’s your chance to sharpen your skills in real life!!! 

Venues from TBOX that We Believe Will BE Part of TBOX 2021 - We Will Confirm in Advance of the Event!

Bernie’s Tap & Grill
3664 North Clark

Blarney Stone
3424 North Sheffield

Budweiser Brickhouse Tavern
3643 North Clark
(Adjacent to Wrigley Field)

Casey Moran’s
*** Pop-Up = RUDOLPH’S ***
3660 North Clark

Country Club
***Pop-Up = Christmas Club***
3465 North Clark

Cubby Bear
1059 West Addison
Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Dark Horse Tap
3443 North Sheffield

Deuce’s MLB
*** Pop-Up = SANTA BABY ***
3505 North Clark

952 West Addison

Graystone Tavern
*** Pop-Up = 8 CRAZY NIGHTS ***
3441 North Sheffield

Happy Camper
**Pop-Up = Disco Christmas**
3452 North Clark

Houndstooth Saloon
*** Pop-Up = Griswold’s ***
3369 North Clark

** Pop-Up = ROCK N ROLL XMAS **
3530 North Clark

Irish Oak
3511 North Clark

3404 North Sheffield

Lucky Strike Social
1027 West Addison

3516 North Clark

Moe's Cantina
3518 N Clark

Murphy’s Bleachers
3655 North Sheffield


Nola Bar
3481 North Clark

Old Crow Smokehouse
*** Pop-Up = SANTA’S WORKSHOP***
3506 North Clark

Redmond’s Ale House
3358 North Sheffield

Rizzo’s Bar & Inn
3650 North Clark

Roadhouse 66
*** Pop-Up = JINGLE JUNKIE ***
3478 North Clark

3477 North Clark

Sluggers World Class Sports Bar
3540 North Clark

Sports Corner
956 West Addison

*** Pop-Up = Elf’d Up ***
3485 North Clark

Underground Lounge
952 West Newport

Vines on Clark
3554 North Clark