TBOX 2019 will be the World’s First Meme-Themed Bar Crawl! Are you Ready?

If you already LOVE TBOX… the Original, World’s Longest-Running Costume Pub Crawl Since 1996… You will REALLY LOVE This Year’s Theme – MEMES! In addition to all the Christmas Craziness, TBOX2019 will feature Meme Decor, Meme Contests, Meme Swag, Meme Pop-Ups, Meme “Face in the Hole” things, and Much More! Stay Tuned for Details on all the MEMES that you will EXPERIENCE LIVE on Saturday, December 14, in Wrigleyville, Chicago!

Founder Chris Festa started TBOX back in 1996 because he was tired of people trashing his apartment at his parties… so he got them out of the house by having a “PUB CRAWL”! The first 7 years, TBOX grew from 50 to over 1,700 people… so of course, he decided to start charging people and make it a business (jerk!)…

By 2009 it was over 7,000 people, and that’s when he decided to have a different yearly THEME to keep it FRESH (see the History of TBOX Slideshow) and this year’s theme is MEMES!

You can still dress in Crazy Christmas & Holiday Costumes – OR – Dress as Your Favorite MEME!

We’re going to have 12 “STICK YOUR FACE IN THE HOLE” boards going around TBOX with Famous Internet Memes. Get your picture in all 12, and you can enter our Meme Contest to win Great Prizes! htt and Facebook Group for Details!

The 12 Memes of TBOX You Can Stick Your Face in at TBOX on December 14 in Our Meme Garden!