TBOX 2017 Surpasses 240% of World Record Largest Pub Crawl!!!!!

TBOX2017 had over 12,000 Participants crawling through Wrigleyville, Chicago, on Saturday, December 9 — However, we are sad to report we did NOT officially break the current record of 4,885 (which was just 40% of Our #TBOX!!!!) because we did not officially scan in enough people going to 10 or more bars during the crawl.  We had hoped that the Guinness Judges would see the registrations, the checkins, the full bars, the streets, and reasonably declare us the record… but it didn’t work out!  See statement below on Facebook.  We like our people to go where they want, stay at certain bars longer, go to less if they choice, come late, leave early (I mean… if you meet somebody, right!?!?!?) so it wasn’t meant to be!  See you 12/8/2018 at the 23rd Annual 12 Bars of Xmas!!!