TBOX Promo Codes & Group Discounts (Updated 27 July, 2021)

TBOX, TBOX2021, TBOX2022, TBOX2023, TBOX2024 - 12 Bars of Xmas Chicago Pub Crawls

Hello Party People!  We can’t wait to see you at #TBOX2021 on December 11 in Wrigleyville, Chicago. You can register here on Eventbrite.  Currently, we have our low summer prices not needing a coupon code for 1-3 tickets. However, if you’re buying 4 or more, you can use the code MMMBOX to get an additional […]

#TBOX Tickets are $11.11 thru July 31 (While Supplies Last!!!)

TBOX2021, TBOX2022, TBOX2023 - Chicago Bar Crawls; Chicago Pub Crawls - TBOX - The Original 12 Bars of Xmas Christmas Bar Crawl in Wrigleyville by Festa Parties

Tickets to #TBOX2021 – Festa’s 25th Annual TWELVE BARS OF XMAS PUB CRAWL – the ORIGINAL – are going at a RECORD PACE!!!!  For the remainder of July – or while this block of tickets lasts – you can come for just $11.11 – that’s $11.11 – for what will likely be the best day […]

Being a TBOX Virgin – A Closer Look

TBOX Virgin Sticker

If you’re a TBOX VIRGIN, that means that this is your First Time Coming to TBOX… makes sense, right?  This year for TBOX, as we have done every year since 2002, we’ll be making special stickers for you to get when you pick up your wristbands, or at the first bar in the morning (Cubby […]

Presenting the #TBOX2021 Back to the 90s Playlist!

TBOX2021 - 12 Bars of Xmas Chicago Christmas Bar Crawl - 90s Themed Pub Crawl - Nirvana

To celebrate #TBOX2021 going BACK TO THE 90s for the 25th Anniversary of #TBOX – Mr. Festa has put together the ultimate 90s Music Playlist to get you in the mood!!  See below, or use this link (CLICK HERE) to Open in Spotify.  We made this list of 100 top songs – One Song per […]

TBOX All-American Savings – Tickets Just $9.49 thru July 4th!!

Wrigley Bar Crawl - Chicago Christmas Pub Crawl - TBOX, The 12 Bars of Xmas in Chicago

Thanks again everyone who has already registered for #TBOX2021!  We love you all for buying the $5, $6.50, $7.77, and $8.86 super-discount tickets for this premier Chicago bar crawl entertainment event!  Now, in honor of the 245th Anniversary of the United States of America, we’re making tickets be the still super-duper-low price of just $9.49 […]

Early Ticket Sales Set TBOX Record!

TBOX Bar Crawl. Wrigleyville Chicago 12 Bars of Xmas

Again, a thank you to EVERYONE out there, all you Chicago Party People — for helping us achieve record sales before July 1 on #TBOX tickets!  We have put tickets on sale early before, but never before have sold so many in the first 2 weeks.  In order to help everyone get over last year, […]

This Week Only! TBOX Tickets are 78% Off – Just $8.86

TBOX Bar Crawl - 12 Bars of Christmas, Chicago Wrigleyville Pub Crawl

#TBOX2021, Festa’s 25th Annual 12 Bars of Xmas Chicago Christmas Pub Crawl – is coming back to Wrigleyville on December 11, 2021, starting in the morning at the Cubby Bear. This legendary, marquee event was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid, but we want this year’s, 2021, the 25th Annual, to be the Holiday Party […]

TBOX 2021 Tickets are $7.77 thru June 20 – Then Price Goes Up!

Festa Parties - TBOX, The 12 Bars of Christmas / Twelve Bars of Xmas Chicago Pub Crawl

TBOX 2021 Tickets are $7.77 thru June 20 – Then Price Goes Up!  Thanks so much for the record sales we’ve had since the TBOX tickets went on sale on June 9!!!  Lock in the savings on this amazing Chicago Christmas Bar Crawl Experience before prices go Up, Up, Up!!!  (they are usually $25-40 and […]

Thanks for Selling Out the $5 #TBOX2021 Tickets – Tickets are Now $6.50 This Week Only!

Wrigley Bar Crawl - Chicago Christmas Pub Crawl - TBOX, The 12 Bars of Xmas in Chicago

Thank  you Chicago Party People for Selling Out the $5 #TBOX2021 Tickets the first 24 hours on sale!!!  We appreciate it!!!! So, you missed out on the Five Buck Tickets… Tragic…. Whaddya gonna do?  Die? Nah… the rest of this week, tickets are at the not-as-good-as-$5-but-still-great-low price of $6.50!!! But hurry, it’s only thru Sunday, […]

First 2,000 #TBOX2021 Tickets Now on Sale for FIVE BUCKS

TBOX - Chicago Holiday Bar Crawl / Holiday Pub Crawl - Festa Parties

TBOX 2021 is finally coming – after the delay of 2020 when we were on a break – DECEMBER 11, 2021 – Festa’s 25th Annual 12 Bars of Xmas in Wrigleyville, Chicago!!! Tickets on Sale Now via Eventbrite for just Five Dollars!!! The first 2,000 will be just $5, then they’ll go up – so […]