Winner! TBOX2015 Photo Contest!

Congratulations to Lexi B. on winning the BEST #TBOX2015 INSTAGRAM POST this year!!! Lexi and her friends took the best Instagram photo this year at the Cubby Bear while wearing their most FESTIVE gear and drinking the most delicious BUD LIGHT beverage! What did Lexi win?? A pair of tickets to #BeadQuest2016 and #CYB2016 which […]

ABC TV: TBOX Founder Christopher Festa Appears on Chicago News for Charitable Donations

TBOX Pub Crawl Founder Christopher Festa appeared on ABC Television in Chicago on 12/10/2015 with Alderman Tom Tunney and representatives from local charities at the Lakeview Pantry on North Broadway in Chicago. Festa Parties and TBOX donated over $50,000 in 2015 and have donated over $225,000 the past 5 years to local charities with proceeds […]