TBOX Promo Codes & Group Discounts (Updated 13 October, 2021)

TBOX, TBOX2021, TBOX2022, TBOX2023, TBOX2024 - 12 Bars of Xmas Chicago Pub Crawls

Hello Party People!  We can’t wait to see you at #TBOX2021 on December 11 in Wrigleyville, Chicago. You can register here on Eventbrite.  Currently, we have our low early bird prices  — And, for now, you can use this code to Save 10% on the Tickets: “FALL”  

Murphy’s Bleachers to Once Again Serve as CUSTOMER SERVICE HQ for TBOX!

Murphy's Bleachers - Bar on TBOX, 12 Bars of Christmas, Chicago Bar Crawl

We’re delighted to announce our friends at the world-famous MURPHY’S BLEACHERS, right across from Wrigley Field, will serve as our Customer Service HQ for #TBOX2021 coming this December! TBOX is December 11, and all week before and Day-Of, Murphy’s will be the primary place you can get your Wristbands and other materials, and buy tickets […]

TBOX 2021 Tickets are $7.77 thru June 20 – Then Price Goes Up!

Festa Parties - TBOX, The 12 Bars of Christmas / Twelve Bars of Xmas Chicago Pub Crawl

TBOX 2021 Tickets are $7.77 thru June 20 – Then Price Goes Up!  Thanks so much for the record sales we’ve had since the TBOX tickets went on sale on June 9!!!  Lock in the savings on this amazing Chicago Christmas Bar Crawl Experience before prices go Up, Up, Up!!!  (they are usually $25-40 and […]

First 2,000 #TBOX2021 Tickets Now on Sale for FIVE BUCKS

TBOX - Chicago Holiday Bar Crawl / Holiday Pub Crawl - Festa Parties

TBOX 2021 is finally coming – after the delay of 2020 when we were on a break – DECEMBER 11, 2021 – Festa’s 25th Annual 12 Bars of Xmas in Wrigleyville, Chicago!!! Tickets on Sale Now via Eventbrite for just Five Dollars!!! The first 2,000 will be just $5, then they’ll go up – so […]

TBOX 2020 Tickets will be just FIVE DOLLARS! Save the Date 12/12/20

#TBOX2020 will be Festa’s 25th Annual Original TWELVE BARS OF XMAS BAR CRAWL in Wrigleyville, Chicago, on December 12, 2020. Tickets will go on sale for just $5! Given the current COVID-19 Situation, we will be waiting until we get the Green Light and All-Clear to hold the event and start selling tickets. To help […]