The Famous “TBOX Stickers” – A Closer Look

One of Our Trademark Attractions at TBOX is STICKERS!!! We have made and distributed over TWO MILLION at TBOX since we started making them in 2002!  We’ll have more on this page soon so stay tuned — but rest assured, we will have a ton of stickers at TBOX2021!

TBOX Bar Crawl Stickers

One of the most fun things about TBOX are the TONS of STICKERS we pass out. We have made over 1.5 MILLION stickers at TBOX Bar Crawls since we started – WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE PUTTING FUNNY STICKERS ON PEOPLE!!!   They say things like “TBOX VIRGIN” for first-timers, “I AM SINGLE”, “I AM NOT IN A COMMITTED MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP”, “LET’S MAKE OUT RIGHT NOW”, “I LIKE HAPPY ENDINGS”, and tons of other silly, fun, flirty things to add to the merriment.  Collecting stickers is  a true TBOX Tradition!

How did it start?  We started with the stickers at the 7th TBOX in 2002. The day before, TBOX Founder Mr. Festa had the idea to make a few stickers on return address labels on his home printer with little messages like Wire to Wire or Bust, Freak, TBOX Virgin, and a few other simple phrases. And people went nuts for them.

And of course, things got more elaborate. We started making personal stickers for the Royal Court Members to hand out, and by 2008-2009, finally abandoned the homemade Avery Label stickers to start making professionally-printed full-color stickers. And then we started to make flirty stickers… and then we started making stickers for each bar… and we saw that it was good.  You can collect these when you pick up your packet, during the crawl from our TBOX door people or Royal Court Members, and throughout the day.  Go Nuts!!!