TBOX Sponsors

TBOX Bar Crawls Sponsors have included fine beverages featured at our Bar Crawls and Happy Hour Events, as well as single-event sponsors in other industries.  As soon as TBOX 2021 Sponsors are set, we will announce and post here on our website and social media.

We do want to acknowledge and thank our generous longtime sponsor, Bud Light, with whom we’ve worked exclusively in beer, seltzer, and malt beverages since 2014, including their flagship Bud Light beer and Goose Island craft beers.

Other Sponsors and Partners through the years have included Effen Vodka, Cruzan Rum, Fireball, NFL Sunday Night Football, Wheatley Vodka, 99 Oranges, DudeWipes, The Illinois Lottery, Uber, Lyft, Clif Bar, Laugh Factory Chicago, RedEye, LA Tan, The City of Rosemont, an many more!