TBOX Sponsors

TBOX Bar Crawls Sponsors include fine beverages featured at our Bar Crawls and Happy Hour Events, as well as single-event sponsors in other industries. For #TBOX2018,our 23rd Annual Twelve Bars of Xmas will feature our longtime partner Bud Light and craft beers from Goose Island. We will also be providing great features from Fireball, Maker’s Mark Bourbon, 99 Brand Oranges, Dr. McGillicuddy, Effen Vodka, and Cruzan Rum. Past Recent Sponsors have included Wheatley Vodka, and Southern Comfort spirits.

Also, we’re delighted to announce our #TBOX2018 Sponsorship with Illinois Lottery!

Please Contact Us Via Email if Interested in Sponsorship for TBOX Bar Crawls and Events!