Want to impress that special someone at Cover Your Bases? These are a series of contests so start prepping now!

Feeling a little competitive? Join the contests and let that inner Champion glow!

Feeling a little competitive? Join the contests and let that inner champion glow!

A designated bar at each of the stops will be hosting one of the contest you see below!

  • Passing Softball Neck to Neck – It’s exactly what it sounds like! Pass the 16 inch softball from your neck to your teammates as fast as you can without dropping the ball. 
  • Hot Dog Eating Relay – Eat one Chicago Style Hot Dog as fast as you can and your teammates will all have to do the same. 
  • Frozen T-Shirt Contest – We’ll provide the frozen t-shirt and you provide the entertainment with trying to unfreeze the t-shirt and put it on. YouTube this and you’ll be bent over laughing!
  • Dress the Catcher – We’re about to get all 50 Shades of Gray on you… you will be blindfolded and have to dress up one of your teammates as a Baseball Catcher! 
  • Tip-to-Tip Bat Passing – Pass the bat between your legs to your teammates without dropping the bat! 
  • Cereal Canoe Race – TBOX is famous for being the bar crawl with CEREAL so why not enjoy it at Cover Your Bases as well? 
  • Dizzy Bat – Spin around the baseball bat and consume a beverage in this relay with your teammates. 
  • Irish Nacho Eating Contest – Why not partake in an Irish Nacho Eating Contest after all those Bud Lights you’ll be drinking? 

Each winner will receive a CYB bar gift certificate which can be used the day of the event or anytime later!! Could it get any better?