TBOX 2023 Photo Scavenger & How to Go ALL THE WAY at TBOX!

We want you to GO ALL THE WAY at TBOX 2023 – The World’s Most Legendary Pub Crawl – And We’ve set up a fun Photo Scavenger Hunt where you’ll Do TBOX in Style from “Wire to Wire” as we called it in the old days!

We have a Scavenger Hunt where you collect stickers & take pictures & visit 12 Bars – and preferably, start @ Opening Ceremonies all the way to Closing Ceremonies at Festa’s 27th Annual Original 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl in December, 2023!

OK, are you ready to go ALL THE WAY?  Here’s What to do!  Do the best you can and post your photos to the TBOX FACEBOOK GROUP by December 18th!  We’ll pick the best ones to give prizes including Gift Certificates for Wrigley Bars and free future event tickets!


TBOX 2022 - Twelve Bars of Christmas Chicago Bar Crawl - TBOX

Cereal at the 12 Bars of Christmas, TBIOX Original Chicago Xmas Pub Crawl

TBOX 2021 Opening Ceremonies

TBOX Bar Crawl VIP - Royal Court Scavenger Hunt

  • Get the “I Met Mr. Festa” Sticker / Take a picture with Mr. Festa

TBOX Mister Festa Sticker - Twelve Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl

  • Get a picture of yourself @ 12 different bars at TBOX

TBOX Bar Crawl - Christopher Festa - 12 Bars of Xmas
TBOX Christmas Pub Crawl Stickers
Cereal Shots @ #TBOX #BarCrawl in #Wrigleyville #Chicago