How to Find TBOX Royal Court Members – Get Your Pic with Them!

For the TBOX2022 Scavenger Hunt, one of the items is to find “Old TBOX Royal Court Members” wearing their “License Plates” – what the heck is that??!!!

Well, back until a few years ago, we had a deluxe-ish VIP program where people could get on the “Royal Court” and Mr. Festa would make them license plates with gold chains to wear at the Festa Bar Crawls.  Maybe we’ll do this again someday for new people, but there will probably be about 50 of the TBOX Royalty members wearing their license plates — see below to see what to look for, and make sure to get your pic with them, and they will all be carrying stickers too to hand out!

TBOX Bar Crawl VIP - Royal Court Scavenger Hunt

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