TBOX 2015 Royal Court Application

So you think you’re Royal Material?
The Casting Call for the Royal Court of TBOX 2015 – THE MOTION PICTURE starts right now!

Festa Parties is officially recruiting for new members of our prestigious TBOX ROYAL COURT, to serve as our Brand Ambassadors and VIP’s of TBOX 2015, Festa’s Twelve Bars of Xmas, the World’s Most Spectacular Pub Crawl. BEING ROYAL is the HIGHEST HONOR you can have as someone who parties in Chicago, and Mister Festa and Festa Parties NEED YOU to carry on this amazing tradition that goes all the way back to 1996! You will be one of the STARS of our Movie-Themed 20th Annual TBOX and you do not want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

What Is Being Royal All About and Why Should I Do It?
As TBOX grew through the years, Founder Christopher Festa rewarded his close friends and repeat participants with the lowest badge numbers, special stickers, and eventually, custom license plates and gold chains designating them as the Celebrity VIP’s of TBOX.  If you meet our Qualifications, Here is what you will have to look forward to…

TBOX Royal Court Featured in Thrillist
TBOX Royal Court Featured in Thrillist



TBOX - The Twelve Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl in Chicago - The World's Most Spectacular Pub Crawl
When You’re Royal, You Are at the Heart of the Action!


  • 2 Free Tickets to #CYB2016 Cover Your Bases Baseball Pub Crawl and the Opportunity to be a BASE COACH
  • Exclusive Royal Court 2016 T-Shirt
  • NEW #FestaPartier Fashion Hoodie**
  • You get to come to the Super-Secret, Super-Exclusive, Off-the-Record Royals-Only “Team Building Exercise” taking place all day on Saturday, November 7, 2015 to meet and bond with your peers


TBOX Royal Court
The TBOX2012 Royal Court

So How Do You Get in On This Awesomeness?
Here are the qualifications for being Royal… if you meet them, then below are what your initiation and Royal Duties will be for TBOX2015 and thru the Spring 2016 Crawl Season. Your Term will go thru 8/31/2016.

  • You must have attended at least 1 TBOX and 1 OTHER FESTA PUB CRAWL (if you haven’t, you can come to POUR SOME 80s ON ME on September 6)
  • You are a SUPER-ENTHUSIASTIC Fan of TBOX and Festa Parties. You are Outgoing, Friendly, Active in Social Media, and have an Active Facebook Account and are Not Camera-Shy
  • You are a responsible partier who goes Wire to Wire with Class and Style and does not drink beyond their limits at our events
  • You are a person who goes ALL OUT with the Costumes at our Events, and who will be decked out at TBOX 2015 THE MOTION PICTURE
  • You will need to know some of the background and story of TBOX like THE HISTORY and ALL ABOUT IT
  • You must think, “Wow, that Christopher Festa is a really amazing guy!” (Duh!)
  • You will be expected at all times to know HOW MANY DAYS IT IS ‘TIL TBOX. Mister Festa or another Royal may message you at an unexpected time and you will have ten minutes to provide the correct response.***


TBOX 2013 Royal Court Members
TBOX 2013 Royal Court Members


So if you meet these qualifications, here is what you need to do to be Royal for #TBOX2015…

  1. JOIN OUR NEW #FESTAPARTIERS FACEBOOK GROUP and post your best photo of yourself from one of our previous events, stating your intention to be Royal in strong and powerful terms!
  2. Make sure you RSVP YES to the TBOX FACEBOOK INVITE and…
  3. ADD ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO THE INVITE (At least 200 please) — if you need instructions on how to do this, contact us!
  4. As soon as the TBOX Tickets go on sale — BUY YOUR TICKET!  We will issue you a discount code to lock in some juicy savings!
  5. PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT: We will issue you a #FestaPartier T-Shirt and Bottle Koozie free!  Between July 13th and September 13th you need to take our 150 Item Scavenger Hunt, and you have to get THIRTY (30) of the 150 listed items either wearing your shirt or holding your koozie, and post these items as follows:
    – Post to Your Facebook Page with our #FestaPartier and #TBOX2015 hashtag and your Royal Statement…  (You can put on Instagram too!)
    – Share the Posted Photo to the #FestaPartiers Facebook Group
    – We would like you to post one a day, not do them all at once…  so… post them as you get them. You don’t have to post as soon as you take them, but don’t wait to post till the end. We want the posts to be ongoing
    – We’ll keep tally and let you know once you’ve met the qualifications!
  6. YOU WILL BE ISSUED YOUR OWN PERSONAL TBOX DISCOUNT CODE:  As soon as you declare for being Royal, we will issue you a custom code, ie “STEVE73” that will be good for up to 1/2 off TBOX tickets and always a little better than the discount that is available to the public.  All we need is for you to get at least 15 people to buy tickets using the coupon by September 15 and 10 more by November 30.  We will have a prize for the person who gets the most tickets using their coupon code among the new royals.  Then…


TBOX Royal Court Members - Annual Appearance on Chicago Fox Morning TV Show
TBOX Royal Court Members – Annual Appearance on Chicago Fox Morning TV Show


  • Attend Our Welcome New Royals Party FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 (Location TBD in Chicago) – A welcome and celebration for all Festa Partiers and for the Old and New Royal Court Members.  We will officially swear you in, and if you finished the scavenger hunt and got the 15 code uses, we will give you your #FestaPartier Hoodie at the party! (If you can’t make it, we’ll make arrangements…)
  • September 21 thru TBOX – Help us on Social Media: We will give you you weekly TBOX updates and ask you to post them to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages to help us recruit people. You don’t have to do it every week, but we appreciate if you do!  We will also tag you in some of our promotional photos.
  • Saturday, November 7, 2015 – Royal Team Building Exercise: Starting at Noon is our ALL DAY ROYAL TEAM BUILDING EXERCISE. This may well be one of the GREATEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE. It is FREE to attend, you will make AMAZING NEW FRIENDS, it involves a SCHOOL BUS, WHIPPED CREAM, we will FEED YOU, there will be INEXPENSIVE BEVERAGES, and you will think, “Wow, can even TBOX be better than this?!?!” Block Off the Whole Day!  And… ON THIS DAY YOU WILL BE ISSUED YOUR OFFICIAL ROYAL LICENSE PLATE AND WEAR IT ALL DAY!!!!
The Royals #4 & #5 at TBOX 2014
They’re Kind of A Big Deal…


  • Monday, November 30, 2015 – Friday, December 11, 2015: Our pop-up office opens the 2 weeks before TBOX in Wrigleyville for us to distribute the badges, wristbands, and other materials to customers. We ask that each Royal volunteer a 3-hour shift to help work in our office sometime in this period.  Don’t worry because a) we won’t throw you to the wolves, b) you will get to see how the sausage is made and witness some amazing behind-the-scenes stuff, c) it’s actually really fun, and d) there will almost certainly be Bud Light and Pizza involved.  We will work out whatever we need to with you!
  • Saturday, December 12, 2015, The Day of TBOX: Be at the Cubby Bear in your Amazing Costume at 8AM. Access to our VIP Area. Participate onstage in Opening Ceremonies. Take TBOX Virginities. Give out your 1,000 Personal Stickers. Pose for Pictures with your License Plate. Skip the Lines. Be a ROCK STAR for the Day. Meet us back at 8pm for the Closing Ceremonies. Wire to Wire, Baby.

Cereal Dump at TBOX 2012 Soon, This Will Make Sense to You… Maybe



  • January-February 2016: Help us promote #BeadQuest2016 on Social Media. We will also issue you TWO FREE TICKETS and your own coupon code once again for your friends. And you get to be a BEAD BITCH or BEAD BASTARD if you want!  The date is set for FEBRUARY 20th, 2016 – Why not RSVP Now?
  • March-April-May 2016: We usually do something very special for St. Patrick’s Saturday. Be Royal, and you’ll be in on that ;)…. and help us promote Cover Your Bases 2016 which will be in late April or Early May 2016 depending on the Cubs Schedule.  You’ll get TWO FREE TICKETS and get to hand out the stickers too!* Legal Capacity Permitting; at the most crowded bars, your entrance will be expedited, but if fire codes are at limit, you will have to wait until it is legally safe to enter.
    ** We will collect your Hoodie (and T-Shirt) sizes and you’ll get your Hoodie if you’ve met the Scavenger Hunt and Coupon Code qualifications!
    *** Hee Hee we won’t call you in the middle of the night. But please note – apps that count the minutes will always say ONE DAY LESS if is after 8am. So if it says “124 Days, 11 Hours, 9 minutes” the correct answer is “125 Days. On the Day before TBOX, say at 3pm, it isn’t Zero Days till TBOX, it’s really One.

    The Very Best Sign You Can See... ZERO Days Till TBOX! The Very Best Sign You Can See… ZERO Days Till TBOX!