Presenting the #TBOX2021 Back to the 90s Playlist!

To celebrate #TBOX2021 going BACK TO THE 90s for the 25th Anniversary of #TBOX – Mr. Festa has put together the ultimate 90s Music Playlist to get you in the mood!!  See below, or use this link (CLICK HERE) to Open in Spotify.  We made this list of 100 top songs – One Song per Artist – then added more songs after #100 – to give the best and most diverse sampling of great 90s music.  Enjoy, and we welcome any feedback!!  See notes below…

The Macarena and MMMbop and Cher are in here, but I had to draw the line at Celine Dion… and yes, songs #2 & #3 which are already the “TBOX Anthems” ARE from the 90s! Some other notes….
#1 – Somehow, i had never been aware of this song til last week! Wow!
#4 – Ask me about the game involving this song
#5 – TBOX is what the world needs now!!!
#6 – This is based on an outstanding disco song “He’s The Greatest Dancer”, which was Sister Sledge’s follow up single to “We Are Family” in the disco era
#10 – “Will these references become dated?” BUOS: “Naaah go with it”
#11 – Makes me cry & miss Chicago!
#13 – This was the last CD I ever bought. I was an early adopter of the “MP3” thing. All totally legal….
#15 – Tough choice here for the lead Nirvana song…
#16 – Many of you have heard me sing this karaoke, lucky you!
#20 – One of @Antonio Yaniz favorite songs
#23 – sorry
#25 – great song but can’t help reminding me of Wisconsin
#28 – i had to triple check i swore this was 89 but it’s 90s!
#30 – #OneAlbumWonder extraordinaire
#32 & #33 & #34 seem to really go together in my head
#36 – often mixed up with “Everybody Dance Now” which isn’t even called that, it’s called “Gonna Make You Sweat”
#37 – sometimes, I do
#38 – i often tell people “if they wanna know the rest, hey, buy the rights”
#40 – this is NOT Sublime! I also listened to the rest of this album, it’s really good
#41 – this was everywhere in late 94/95
#42 – i’ve told alot of people this, but i staked my entire reputation on the prediction that the Spin Doctors would be THE band of the 90s. Ouch
#46 – One of Greg Goze’s favorite songs
#50 – apologies… but this could not be excluded from a 90s playlist
#52 – when my 10 year old at-the-time cousin saw this on my ipod, he made fun of me nonstop
#53-54-55 slowing it down a little
#56 – this is also a cover of a great disco song “More More More” by Andrea True Connection
#58 – another song that made you want to blow your brains out if you had to live thru it on heavy radio rotation, but now it reminds me of “The Office”
#60 – i LOVE Jamiroquai. This isn’t even one of their best songs, but it was a 90s hit. I’ll make you a Jamiroquai playlist later
#61 – doesn’t feel like 90s, huh?
#62 – ohhh man i hate this song
#63 – this is one of the best songs ever in the genre of “songs where the title isn’t in the lyrics”
#66 – one of the best “songs with a ton of fast-spoken crammed-in” lyrics. I put it ahead of We Didn’t Start the Fire but behind It’s the End of the World as we know it and I feel fine
#71 – at the time, this was pretty Risque
#79 – this also reminds me of “The Office” now
#86 – this was one of our great drunk boating singalongs
#89 – in ’96/’97, i believe 101.9 The Mix played this every 15 minutes for 2 years straight. Like they said, “THIS, THIS is the perfectly mellifluous inoffensive song that will never be topped!”
#91 – another Antonio Yaniz fave, the apotheosis of one hit wonder-dom
#92 – my first month in Chicago, i saw this concert at Poplar Creek. anybody remember that place?
#98 – Ugh, sorry!
#102 – should be #1, right? now we’re getting into giving artists’ more songs than one. I like Come as You Are, In Bloom, and Lithium better
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