The Opening & Closing Ceremonies of TBOX

Be sure to line up early at The Cubby Bear on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9 for the 22nd Annual TBOX if you want to be a part of the amazing Opening Ceremonies! Opening ceremonies start at 9AM inside the Cubby Bear! After 8PM, Cubby Bear will also host a private TBOX-Only Closing Ceremonies Party featuring the band STACHE!

TBOX starts at 8am — it’s one event that’s surely worth waking up early for! Inspired by the Olympics, we began in 2003 to have a brief ritual under the El Tracks next to Mr. Festa’s Wrigleyville apartment, and since 2007, the big stage at the Cubby Bear has been home to every TBOX Opening and Closing Ceremony. It’s a breathtaking bit of pageantry you don’t want to miss!

The TBOX 2015 Opening Ceremonies
TBOX 2012 #1 Joanna getting the Cereal from Former #1 Jason and Mr. Festa
The TBOX 2012 Opening Ceremonies

How It Began: Back in ’03, we thought it would be funny to gather before TBOX for an opening cheer, then march to the first bar carrying tiki torches and singing the Olympic Theme while marching down Clark Street. And it was open to whoever wanted to join us. This tradition carried through 2006, until we finally felt that the risk of open flames was too much for TBOX to bear.

The Old Days of the Opening Ceremonies

The Modern Opening Ceremonies feature an elaborate stage show featuring a Countdown Music Video, Introduction of the Royal Court, Cutting of the Wire, Initiation of the Royal Virgins, and Sing-Along and Official Start to TBOX.  Also, it’s where you can get your “Green Wire” to start going “Wire to Wire”. And there is a ton of cereal everywhere, and it’s your best chance to meet every Royal Court Member in one place!

Closing Ceremonies

For some completely unknown reason, the Closing Ceremonies tend to be a bit fuzzier than the Opening Ceremonies that precede them 13 hours earlier… But seriously, the Closing Ceremonies are an important part of every TBOX. This is where the act of going WIRE TO WIRE is Officially Consummated, and where TBOX Virgins OFFICIALLY are no longer Virgins. Since 2012, we have had the awesome bands Rod Tuffcurls & The Bench Press and Stache lead us in sing-a-long songs to cap off the crawling portion of the day and kick off the after-party.

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