Take A Sneak Peek At The 2015 Stickers for TBOX Chicago!!

This year #FestaParties has made over 200,000 stickers for TBOX on Saturday, December 12th in Chicago. Try and collect as many stickers as you can, it’s part of the #TBOX experience!!

TBOX_Chicago_Party_Stickers Check out all of our movie themed stickers for TBOX 2015!!

We have over 40 bars included on TBOX, Twelve Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl this year! Each venue will have their own UNIQUE sticker that will be handed out by our bar hosts! One of the special things about TBOX Chicago is collecting the stickers at each location and taking a photo in the photo frame! Plus, who doesn’t need a little help remembering what bars they went to at TBOX?

We started with the stickers at the 7th TBOX in 2002. The day before, Mr. Festa had the idea to make a few stickers on return address labels on his home printer with little messages like Wire to Wire or Bust, FreakTBOX Virgin, and a few other simple phrases. And people went nuts for them. Through TBOX 2014, we’ve made over ONE MILLION STICKERS for our crawls, and collecting stickers has become one of the most beloved parts of TBOX!

Now each year, Festa Parties creates fun stickers that go along with the theme and the Christmas spirit! This year we will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of TBOX – The Motion Picture with movie themed stickers for each bar! Get ready to be stuck with stickers ranging from I’M SINGLE to WILL FERRELL STREAKING IN OLD SCHOOL!!

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