About Mr. Festa, Founder of TBOX

(Me Writing…) – If you’re checking out this page, thanks and good for you!  People around Chicago seem to know about me as “The TBOX Guy” – which wasn’t really how I planned my life out, but it just happened that way!

I started TBOX in 1996 just for Fun, Friends, and Meeting Girls.  It kept growing, and though I was going thru alot of changes, and even moved to California for a while, I kept having TBOX the 2nd Saturday of Every December.  I moved back to Chicago in 2002, then, quit my job in 2003, and started a T-Shirt Company based on my idea, “In Dusty We Trusty”, which was all great until October 14, 2003, the infamous Game 6.

Downtrodden, I decided to charge a few bucks for TBOX, and had this and the t-shirt business going forward.  In 2009, we started having BEADQUEST and COVER YOUR BASES in the Winter and Spring, along with a few other crawls to complement TBOX.

As far as I know, I “invented” the commercial bar crawl industry, and for a long time was the only bar crawl in the world that was a business.  As you’re all aware, there are TONS of pub crawls out there, every weekend, for every holiday, some are great, some are fun, some are uninspired and are really just “drinking in different places, and here’s a t-shirt”.  I keep doing TBOX to be creative, unique, and add tons of interesting fun activities and a vivid atmosphere to the event every year.  That’s what I strive for and that I believe sets TBOX apart from the many other crawls in Chicago and the US.

I PERSONALLY ATTEND and Lead the Events at Every One of My Bar Crawls.  I wouldn’t want anyone to go on a crawl I wouldn’t go on too!  They’re a ton of work, but just as much fun for me as for you!  I appreciate and want to thank everyone who will come or ever has come to TBOX, and hope you had a fantastic time!

Find me at the Opening Ceremonies at 1030AM at Cubby Bear on December 11, 2021.  I’ll also be at the Murphy’s Bleachers Check-In the whole week before TBOX, and at Cubby Bear most of the day Saturday to give THE FULL TBOX EXPERIENCE.

Thank you so much for your business, and please find me at TBOX this year and say hi!!

My first name is Chris. I’m married (that’s my wife, you’ll meet her!), we have 2 dogs named George and Pebbles, I’m from Florida, I’m a Gemini, I cried when the Cubs won the World Series, I love Cereal, I like long walks on the beach and in National Parks, especially in Utah, I like to invent my own Holidays (TBOX started one year before Festivus) and my hero is Attorney Peter Francis Geraci.

TBOX Chris Festa. Attorney Peter Francis Geraci

George and Pebbles. George has been to TBOX and Irish Oak is his favorite bar!

George and Pebbles
At Work!
12 Bars of Xmas, Chicago Christmas Pub Crawl - TBOX by Festa Parties