Are you Ready to Cover Your Bases?  Because that is LITERALLY what #CYB2015 is all about!

The Cover Your Bases Pub Crawl is right around the corner, and we CAN’T WAIT to PARTY with all of you!! In case it’s your first time, we want to let you know exactly how it works. If you can put on a t-shirt, stand there, and let someone put a sticker on you… then you can do this!!

When you come in to pick up your Badge & Wristband for the event, you also get a super-cool CYB T-Shirt with a design of a stylized baseball diamond as shown below. It has all the infield and outfield positions, plus “The National Anthem”, “The First Pitch”, “The 7th Inning Stretch”, and finally, “Home Plate”, where you will finish the event by “SCORING” – and if you don’t know why we have “SCORING” in quotes… well, you’ll have to come to CYB to find out why!

Cover Your Bases Chicago Baseball Pub Crawl - T-Shirt Design

Here’s the Design of the #CYB2015 T-Shirt… The Circles are where the Stickers Go!

Unlike our other pub crawls where we give you a t-shirt as a souvenir, which you’re welcome to wear to the event but don’t have to… at Cover Your Bases, we WANT YOU to wear the shirt. And how it works is, at each stop, our team of assistants, known as “BASE COACHES” – at a secret time during each stop on the crawl, will announce that we are coming around to GIVE OUT THE STICKER that will COVER THAT CIRCLE on your shirt! And your mission is to collect all 11 and totally cover your shirt!

T-Shirt for Cover Your Bases Chicago Baseball Bar Crawl by Festa Parties in Wrigleyville

Before and After: Shirt from #CYB2014 with the first 2 stickers at Left; Historic Filled-Out Shirt from the First-Ever CYB in 2009!


The Base Coaches who will be giving out the stickers are all Festa Pub Crawl veterans, volunteers from our TBOX Royal Court, who will also help guide you through the event and answer any of your questions!  Look for these Krazy Kids wearing their BASE COACH signs because they’ll be the ONLY people you can get your stickers from!

Collecting Stickers from Our Base Coaches at Cover Your Bases Festa Baseball Pub Crawk

Base Coaches Danny & Bridgid, and Bridgid applying a sticker (COVERING YOUR BASE) for a Happy Crawler!

#CYB2015 - Cover Your Bases Pub Crawl Stickers

Here are the #CYB2015 Stickers — And THEY WANNA BE ON YOU!!! Don’t disappoint them! Be there on May 9!

So are you ready for this?!?!  Then don’t delay!! Register for #CYB2015 on Saturday May 9 RIGHT NOW – Click Here!  Use Coupon RBI for Individual Ticket Discounts, OR grab a discount ticket 6-pack!