TBOX #24 (2019) – December 14, 2019
The Meme-Themed TBOX

TBOX 2019 was the 24th Annual 12 Bars of Xmas, and little did any of us know, it would be the very last TBOX before the Annus Horibilis that was 2020.  The theme of this TBOX was MEMES!  Founder Mister Festa is a big fan of memes, and has spent, er, wasted, countless hours and hours “researching” memes 🙂 – so, we went ahead and made this TBOX all about Memes.  

We started the morning with HAIRBANGERS BALL playing at the Opening Ceremonies at Cubby Bear, a first – having a band in the morning!  In the courtyard of Vines, we had Meme / Stick your face in the hole boards with popular memes.  It was a great festive day, a last hurrah for 18 months or so before the big bad!!

2019 Photo 3 - TBOX2019 TBOX Photo 1

TBOX 2019TBOX 2019