TBOX #17 – TBOXOPOLY – The Total Blowout (2012)

TBOX 2012, “TBOXOPOLY” – was billed as the world’s most exciting live-action board game. We won’t go into all the details here… find Mr. Festa at the next Happy Hour if you want the full story… but let’s just say that the Trix hit the Fan. It was an UNBELIEVABLE, AMAZING PARTY and really showed us all how big and crazy this pub crawl could be!

The following is told in first person by TBOX Founder Christopher Festa…

TBOXOPOLY reached the theoretical maximum of what a bar crawl could be. We poured into the streets and took over Wrigleyville… and that’s why you now see us having the barricades, and cleanup crews, and portable toilets, and extra extra security just like all the big festivals have.

I learned a lot in a short time about how much time I was going to have spend on the non-fun stuff in addition to the fun stuff, but that’s why we’ve still been able to bring you TBOX every year since, 23 years going strong, and we have no plans to ever stop!!

The TBOXOPOLY Game Board issued to all participants is shown below. The event game board split our 43 participating venues into 4 color groups – Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow, to move our crowd around, and the goal was to collect game piece stickers from at least three bars in each group! Winners received a free ticket to BeadQuest and a gift certificate from one of our participating venues. And the middle of the board featured the 69 Members of the TBOX2012 Royal Court!