TBOX #11 – The First Modern TBOX (2006)

Festive Girls at TBOX #11 in 2006

The 11th TBOX in 2006 was the first truly “MODERN” TBOX – all in Wrigleyville, it was a circuit, it was sponsored by a major beer company and the RedEye newspaper, we had professionally printed badges… and reached 3,400 people. We were growing up!

The following is told first person by TBOX Owner Christopher Festa…

2006 topped 3,400 people and was the first year we moved to the “All-Wrigley” format, taking place entirely between Roscoe and Grace streets along Clark and Sheffield. It was probably the first TBOX that “felt” like what TBOX was today. It was still just 1/6 or 1/7 of today’s size, but it was getting there as being a “Destination” Chicago Party Event!

“Lemon Boy” – One of the Great Personalities of the Middle Years of TBOX

Some other Firsts and Lasts at TBOX 2006…

  • It was the first year of the long, rectangular “Backstage Pass” badges we use to this today. And…
  • The last time that I (ahem) “Borrowed” the Super Expensive Color Printer in the Middle of the Night at one of my friends’ workplaces to print them all off, and then cut them and laminate them myself…
  • It was the first OFFICIAL year for the Royal Court, but I had made these ridiculous giant cutout numbers for people to wear, that almost all broke off.
  • It was the first year I had TBOX INTERNS to attend to my needs and follow me around all day – Michelle and Virginia were awesome!
  • People were REALLY starting to say, “Hey, I better wear a costume… and the more outrageous, the better…”

Mr. Festa with Giant Royal Court Numbers in 2006

  • And it was the first year that people started calling me “MR. FESTA” – just because a friend innocently made me a fast food name tag that said “MR. FESTA” — and it just caught on like wildfire.

And the Countdown to TBOX… that’s not new! We unearthed this email from the archives below!