Frequently Asked Questions for TBOX 2019

We’ve gathered some of the top Frequently Asked Questions for TBOX 2019 and compiled the answers here!

  • What’s the easiest way to buy tickets?


  • How, When and Where can we pickup Wristbands and Coupon Strip?



  • Can I pickup wristbands/coupon strips for my friends? Can my friends pickup my wristband and coupon strip for me?


  • What does my TBOX 2019 ticket include? “What do I get?”
    • We think TBOX is an amazing value and will pretty much be your most exciting day of the Year!
    • You get some GREAT stuff with your TBOX 2019 ticket, click here to find out what you get!





  • What does MEME THEMED mean?
    • We’re glad you asked! TBOX 2019 will be the World’s First Meme-Themed Bar Crawl!
    • You can read all about it here!


  • How Should I dress?
    • Dress in a Fun Costume, but Wear Comfortable Shoes, and Don’t Bring Your Best Coat
      Your shoes will get really messy, and we don’t want your nice coat to get ruined either. And check the weather forecast — if it’s over 45/50F or so, which it has been many times, you don’t need a heavy coat, especially if your costume is elaborate and hot.
    • You can read more here!


  • Are there any drink specials?
    • YES!
    • TBOX Attendees can enjoy delicious Drink Specials (at participating locations) from our Sponsors, including:
      • 12 oz Bud Light – $4 (or 16oz Bud Light $5)
      • $5 Goose Island
      • $5 Bon + Viv Spiked Seltzer
      • $6 Effen Vodka
      • $7 Makers Mark
      • $6 Cruzan Rum


2019 Twelve Bars of Xmas Drink Specials / Drink Sponsors / Twelve Bars of Christmas Bar Crawl

  • How will I know which bars are honoring the Three $4 Gift Cards to use during the crawl?
    • When you pickup or are shipped your TBOX items, it will include your Wristband and a Coupon Strip!
    • The Coupon Strip will have 3 coupons to represent the Three $4 Gift Cards. Each coupon will have a list of  the participating bars for the gift cards.
    • These are only good from 10:30AM-1PM, and to utilize- you must go to 3 different bars! This is designed to keep you moving through all the fantastic bars along the TBOX route!


  • How do I get my hands on some Awesome TBOX Swag Items?
    • There will be a Coupon Strip included in your pickup items!
    • There will be coupons designated to awesome TBOX Swag items, with instructions on where to go pick them up during the crawl!


  • Will there be a coat check at any of the participating bars?
    • Participating TBOX Bars may have a designated coat check, but this is not guaranteed. You will be responsible for your own personal items throughout the duration of the crawl.


  • Will there be any Live Music or Entertainment? 
    • YES! This Year at TBOX, we will ROCK YOU ALL DAY with Live Music! At 9AM, Renowned Chicago Metal Band HAIRBANGERS BALL will take the stage at Opening Ceremonies at the Cubby Bear. Then, at 130pm at Rizzo’s, Hip-Hop Dance Band ULTRABEAT will perform. Finally, at the Closing Ceremonies, Chicago Favorites STACHE will play starting shortly after 730pm back at Cubby Bear for a private show for TBOX Crawlers until around 9 or 10pm.And… Wrigleyville’s Favorite Karaoke Master, KEV ROKKEN, will be hosting Karaoke all day from 1030am-730pm at SANDLOT. What more could you ask for?!

Live Music at TBOX 2019


  • Is there a Best Time to Join The Crawl?
    • YES!
    • We want you to be there as Early as you can! So we think that The Best Time to Join The Crawl is at 9AM when everything starts! This way, you can make the most of your Magical TBOX Experience! Read more about Day Of here. 
    • BUT – you can join at ANYTIME throughout the day, as long as you have your Wristband!

If you have any further important questions – please contact us!

Click here to buy your tickets for TBOX 2019 on December 14! 


TBOX 2019 12 Bars of Xmas Chicago Bar Crawl Montage