Name Change: Festa Parties is Now TBOX INCORPORATED!!!

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In October, 2016, Founder and Owner Christopher “Mr. Festa” Festa announced the name change of Festa Parties, the company producing TBOX(R), BeadQuest, Cover Your Bases, and other Chicago Bar Crawl entertainment events, to the new name, TBOX Incorporated! “Everybody knows TBOX,” said Mr. Festa, “and we felt that the shorter name, easier to pronounce and identify and type, and fun to say, would make everything better and easier going forward for our friends, fans, and business associates.”

Effective the first week of October, the former website will redirect to the new web property,, which will take over the existing ticket and web functions for all bar crawl events. “@TBOXBarCrawls” will be the new social media handle for the TBOX Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter Accounts, and the former “Festa Partier” Facebook Group has been renamed to reflect the company – The “TBOX Incorporated” Group – and anyone who’s a fan or participant in TBOX events can join!

Festa’s 21st Annual #TBOX, #TBOX2016 “THE WEDDING”, is scheduled for Saturday, December 10, 2016, in Chicago.  Their other 2 annual bar crawl events will now more readily incorporate the TBOX brand.  The Mardi Gras Crawl is scheduled for 2/18/17 – “TBOX Presents BeadQuest” — and The Baseball Crawl has just been schedule for 5/13/17 – “TBOX Presents Cover Your Bases”.

Is Mr. Festa sad to see his name leave the company? After all, “Festa” is synonymous with “Party” (Literally, in several languages) “Naw, it’s time to move on. Long Live TBOX Incorporated! Besides, it’s got Seven Syllables – just like Kramerica Industries. That’s gotta be good luck.”  And TBOX Royal Court member James “Master Chef” Brady commented “I’m stocking up on old Festa Parties swag – the price is already going up on eBay!”

TBOX(R) is a Registered Federal Trademark of TBOX Incorporated.

For more information, contact TBOX INCORPORATED at 773-478-3378!

TBOX / #TBOX2016 / Festa Parties / Twelve Bars of Xmas / TBOX Bar Crawls Logo
The New TBOX Incorporated Logo
Mr. Festa at the Brady Bunch House in Los Angeles with a TBOX Koozie, September 2016
Mr. Festa at the Brady Bunch House in Los Angeles with a TBOX Koozie, September 2016

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