TBOX FAQs – 2023 Edition – Top Questions About TBOX Bar Crawl

  • What does TBOX Stand For?
    T  welve
    B  ars
    O  f
    X  mas
    — Originally, TBOX was actually 12 bars in a row, all attended by the same people at the same time.  As we grew, we couldn’t sustain this model, so it became “This group of bars for this part of the group at these times” and then “All the bars, all the time” — now there are 30 (There have been as many as 44) – so “THIRTY” bars of Xmas still spells TBOX!

    “Xmas” was chosen vs “Christmas” for expediency and – brand names ending in an X or “CKS” sound are pleasing to the area.  Just ask the founder of SPANX!  And please don’t call us “XBOX” and def don’t put a dash after the T.  TBOX (R) is a federally registered mark.

  • How did TBOX Start?
    This will tell you!

  • Who Runs & Operates TBOX?
    Festa Parties Inc, and you can read more right here or in the “About Us” section!

    Starting in 2022, we are partnering with the other leading Chicago Bar Crawl company, Chicago 20 Something, to co-produce TBOX.

  • Does any of the money go to charity?

  • I bought my ticket online – now what?  Do i just show up?
    No – once you register on Eventbrite, you then need to get your WRISTBAND which is what gets you in on December 11.  Take your Eventbrite Ticket(s) on your phone or paper, and come to Murphy’s Bleachers the week BEFORE TBOX or morning OF TBOX.  Hours Here.

  • What Should I Wear, and otherwise do to prepare?
    Please be sure to turn 21, and to buy your ticket and pick up and put on your wristband before you come to TBOX!

    Wear your wildest Holiday Costumes, but also — we urge you to a) wear comfortable shoes you don’t mind getting messed up. b) watch what the weather is. You WILL be walking from bar to bar, may have a little time in line, but then, it may be hot inside. So wear layers, don’t bring your best – most expensive coat.  We don’t want you losing it.

    Also, some obvious points – charge your phone, ideally get a charger pack. You’ll want to take a LOT of pix & videos.  EAT. Eat Breakfast, and EAT during the day. Almost every bar serves food, quickly, and there are other non-bar food options all around.  And, Mix In drinking some water or soda if you’re drinking alcohol. Pace yourself so you can enjoy the whole day!

    And if you’re over 25, get a good night sleep the night before!  Even if you’re under 25!

  • Do I have to be there right at the beginning? I don’t want to get up that early.
    You don’t have to, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED because the Opening Ceremonies are a blast!  As long as you’ve got your wristband on, you can start (and end) at any time, but to go WIRE TO WIRE, we’d love you to stay all day!

  • What’s with the Cereal?
    The whole story is here.
    Also, we must tell you, please do NOT bring your own cereal to ANY BAR besides Cubby Bear.  Back in the Wild West Days, everyone brought cereal and it was all over, flying everywhere, all day. Since now that isn’t a thing we can do anymore, we’ve arranged to have Cereal Shots all day at Cubby Bear, and, we provide cereal, though you’re welcome to bring some to the Opening Ceremonies.  Just finish it before you leave Cubby!

  • What’s with the Stickers? How do I get them?

    They are for fun, and for the Scavenger Hunt.  You can get a) some when you check in at Murphy’s, b) from Mr. Festa & Friends in morning and all day at Cubby Bear, c) from the CHARITY BAR HOSTS hosting some of the TBOX bars, and d) from some people you will see walking around with Gold Chains and License Plates that say “Royal Court”.

    More info on the stickers is HERE!

  • What does “Festa” mean?  Is that somebody’s real name?
    It means “Party” in Italian, and yes it is the TBOX Founder’s real name. And this is not too well-known, but the reason he is called “Mister” Festa is that in 2009 the Theme was “High School Yearbook” and he had a License Plate around his neck that said “Mr. Festa, Principal” – and it stuck.

  • How do we Get from Bar to Bar?
    Walk. The bars are all very close together. Please see our other site, WRIGLEYVILLE GUIDE – for an interactive map of the whole Clark Street and Wrigley Field Area!