Sadly, Cover Your Bases 2020 for May 16 Cancelled due to City of Chicago Restrictions

Just an FYI — You probably already figured it out – but we will not be having our May 16, 2020, 11th Annual COVER YOUR BASES TBOX Baseball Bar Crawl…. the City of Chicago has deemed it is not yet safe to hold large events, so we are postponing this event indefinitely until we can find a time to have it!

Please be safe and well, and let’s all hope and pray the Covid-19 epidemic passes soon with as few illnesses as possible.  Thanks for your continued support and we will plan to see you on DECEMBER 12, 2020 for the 25th Annual Twelve Bars of Xmas!

Christopher Festa, President, Festa Parties Incorporated, Producers of TBOX Bar Crawls