Costumes: EVERYBODY Goes All-Out Dressing Up for TBOX – Are You Ready?!?!

2017 marks the 22nd ANNIVERSARY for TBOX… so we decided to make it legendary and have the theme as CHRISTMAS VACATION! We can’t wait to see Clark Street filled with crazy Vacation Costumes and Christmas themed costumes!

Hard to believe, but TBOX started out as just another Christmas party, just another bar crawl, just another reason to party. But over the years, people started going NUTS with their TBOX Costumes, and we fully encourage, embrace, and practically require participants to dress to the nines. Remember the formula: TBOX Costume = Christmas + Halloween + St. Patrick’s Day (without the emphasis on green) – and we appreciate all who’ve made TBOX such an amazing spectacle with how they dress.


Back in the day, a few people maybe wore a Santa Hat, and that was it. Look at the old pictures… you might not even recognize it as TBOX!  But in 2001-2002, a few people began wearing Santa suits, Sexy Santa dresses as well as some other bling. By 2006-2007 we reached a tipping point where “Your TBOX Outfit” became a thing unto its own… still Christmas-influenced in some cases, but becoming more and more distinctive. As a guideline today, if people aren’t STARING at you the minute you leave the house, you’re probably underdressed!

What Should YOU Wear? TBOX outfits generally fall into one of these categories:

  • Christmas / Holiday Inspired: Santa, Christmas Trees, Reindeer, Snowmen, Ornaments, Ugly Sweaters, and all that… plus Hanukkah stuff for our Jewish crawlers…
  • The TBOX Yearly Theme For 2016, it is TBOX THE WEDDING – So bust out the Tacky Wedding Apparel, Bridesmaid Dresses, and all that!!! For 2015, it was TBOX THE MOTION PICTURE (Movie Theme)… Especially if you’ve been to TBOX before, you can dress within the theme.  Past Themes have included High School Yearbook 2009, Amusement Park 2010, Summer Camp 2011, TBOXOPOLY 2012, Air TBOX Airline 2013, and TBOX Zoo 2014.
  • Cereal or Other TBOX-y Theme – Many people dress like their favorite cereal mascot or other cereal-related or “Inside-TBOX” type costume.
  • Random Crazy Theme – We have no problem with you recycling your Halloween Costume (if you had a good one)… you’ll get to expose it to a huge new audience. The more wild, more colorful, more out of left field, the better. Your imagination is the limit!

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