The TBOX 2022 Opening & Closing Ceremonies – December 10, 2022, 10AM / 715PM at the Cubby Bear!

The TBOX2022 Opening Ceremonies will kick off Festa’s 26th Annual Original 12 Bars of Xmas Holiday Pub Crawl at The Cubby Bear, 10am sharp, on Saturday, December 10, 2022.  Opening Ceremonies have been part of the TBOX tradition since the early 2000s, and onstage at Cubby Bear since 2007!  (Read More…)

This year’s TBOX will feature a live morning performance from The Socially Acceptable Band 10am;  The Official TBOX Kickoff from TBOX Founder Mister Festa; On-Site Promotion from Iconic Chicago Radio Station Rock 95.5; and the team from Cupid’s Undie Run Charity to give you your Cereal Shots, TBOX Stickers, Take Your TBOX Virginity, and start you on your way going WIRE TO WIRE… (which means to go ALL THE WAY at TBOX – from start to end – and to at least 12 Bars!)

At the Closing Ceremonies, Mr. Festa & Co. will give you your “I WENT ALL THE WAY AT TBOX” Stickers, you can complete going WIRE TO WIRE, and enjoy a 2nd performance from Socially Acceptable Band, starting 715/730pm!

Buy Your Tickets Today for TBOX 2022 and experience this bucket list Chicago party experience!

Mr. Festa at the TBOX Opening Ceremonies

TBOX Opening Ceremonies - 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl - Cubby Bear, Wrigleyville

Cereal Shots at the TBOX Opening Ceremonies

Cereal Shot at TBOX Opening Ceremonies - 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl

Some of the TBOX2022 Stickers to Collect

TBOX Christmas Pub Crawl Stickers

Get Your Picture in the TBOX Frames!

Enjoy the SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE BAND Morning & Evenign at Cubby Bear!

TBOX 2022 Band - Socally Acceptable Band

Meet the TBOX Royalty!

TBOX Christmas Bar Crawl - Twelve Bars of Christmas Pub Crawl

Charity Volunteers from Cupid’s Undie Run will Take Your TBOX Virginity!

TBOX Virgin - 12 Bars of Christmas Chicago Crawl

Cupids Undie Run at TBOX Bar Crawl

Go Wire to Wire and Make it to the Closing Ceremonies!

TBOX Bar Crawl - Closing Ceremonies - 12 bars of Xmas Chicago

Don’t Miss Out on Chicago – and THE WORLD’S – Most Legendary Pub Crawl —- TBOX!!!

Go Wire to Wire at TBOX Bar Crawl