BeadQuest 2023 – February 18, 2023 / Sorry BEADQUEST 2022 was Cancelled!

BeadQuest 2023 is set for FEBRUARY 18, 2023 in WRIGLEYVILLE, CHICAGO – See Facebook Event Here – RSVP – Get Early Bird Tickets First!

We are sorry to announce that we are cancelling this year’s BEADQUEST MARDI GRAS PUB CRAWL that was scheduled for Feb 26, 2022.
We got the feedback from our large and diverse customer base that there were a significant number of people who had numerous, varying concerns about discomfort over Covid-19 safety, as well as discomfort and concern about the City of Chicago’s requirements to show documentation to enter multiple venues during the day.
We acknowledge and respect the different personal viewpoints and concerns of our customers, and stand by to humbly serve you all again as soon as we are able to do so.
And, unfortunately, due to the depressed level of interest in the event stemming from these various factors, we felt we would be unable to go forward with having the festive, energetic atmosphere we seek to create, and also in practical terms, make it worth the work and expense to hold the event. We 100% plan to bring it back in 2023 though!
Good News Though!
On May 14, 2022, the day we were going to have COVER YOUR BASES, we have changed this to be the First Annual TACKY TANK TOP & YACHT CLUB CRAWL in Wrigleyville! We wanted to do a fun new idea we had, and details coming soon! And for now, are we RE-USING THE TBOX2017 CHRISTMAS VACATION PHOTOS? NO WAY! NEVER! (We’ll have original stuff soon!) The TTTYC Crawl will bring the atmosphere of summer, boating, the Playpen, yachting, boats, hoes, and a Tacky Tank Top contest with great prizes, because why should Ugly Sweaters get all the fun? Details SOON!!!!
And Save the Date also for TBOX #26 on DECEMBER 10 – We have an AMAZINGLY COOL THEME we are about to reveal and tickets go on sale in JUNE!!!
Thank you and so sorry! We believe conditions will change soon that will allow us to continue forward in a healthy, carefree, fun atmosphere that we like to have at all our events. Until then, be well, be sane, & be safe!
Christopher Festa, TBOX Bar Crawls