BeadQuest Mardi Gras Bar Crawl

March 2, 2019

BeadQuest is the TBOX Mardi Gras Bar Crawl, taking place in Wrigleyville, Chicago every February. It is a unique event that combines all the fun of Mardi Gras and New Orleans with the kind of pub crawl Chicago and TBOX are famous for!  In addition to tens of thousands of throw beads, we make 10 custom numbered beads for crawlers to collect during each stop of the crawl.  Collect all 10, and win prizes!  We also encourage our participants to dress in Purple, Gold, and Green to get into the festive Mardi Gras spirit. Sure, it may be a few degrees colder on Clark Street than on Bourbon Street, but if you can’t make it down to the Big Easy, BeadQuest is the next best thing!

The 2019 BeadQuest Pub Crawl date will be set soon for a date in February and announced in our newsletter and social media. Tickets will go on sale in Late 2018. Stay tuned to save the date for Chicago’s original and longest-running Mardi Gras Celebration!


Tickets will go on sale here via Eventbrite for #BeadQuest Tickets sometime in late 2018. Join Our TBOX Group on Facebook to get the latest info and early bird ticket discounts!



  • Date: TBA
  • Time: TBA
  • Where: Starts and Ends in Wrigleyville

BeadQuest 2019 will start and end at a bar in Wrigleyville to be announced. We will have more info on the exact time & place for the event start, finish, & packet pickup in early 2019. Note that The Addison Red Line Stop, 22 Clark Bus, and 156 Addison buses are the best options for public transportation!

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Starting at the first bar, be on the lookout for our Bead Distribution team!  They’ll be tossing out thousands and thousands of collectible throw beads and goodies at each bar, AND, at a secret designated time during each time slot, they will be throwing out the precious, limited edition, NUMBERED Beads — One thru Ten – that you need to collect each one of to successfully complete the BeadQuest Pub Crawl Event. The beads come in a rainbow of colors, and if you get them all – take your picture at the final bar — in our finale Frame — showing you with your 10 beads. Post the picture within 10 days of the event in the TBOX Facebook Group, and we’ll draw you for one of our prizes, which include $10-25 Gift Cards for local bars and restaurants, rooftop tickets, and more!


BeadQuest is a unique creation of TBOX and Founder Christopher Festa, and is Chicago’s premier Mardi Gras event, taking place every February since 2009.  The middle of winter in Chicago sucks – there’s no two ways about it!  So after the Super Bowl is over, after Valentine’s Day (especially if you didn’t have a Valentine!!!), and before St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness, BEADQUEST is the perfect day of wild fun to get you through the coldest and darkest time of year. You get to dress crazy, meet tons of new people, go nuts collecting beads, and maybe meet your NEXT Valentine !!! 🙂


The Event Hashtag is #BeadQuest2019.  During the event, please stay tuned to updates by Following us on TWITTER @TBOXBarCrawls – We will post schedule updates and when & where we are handing out beads.
We will also post updates in the TBOX Facebook Group  – we recommend you Join because this is where you can always get advance news and best discounts
Post your photos to INSTAGRAM – Follow us @TBOXBarCrawls and tag photos with #BeadQuest2019. We’d also love if you’d post some pix in our Facebook Group, and tag “TBOX Bar Crawls” on your Facebook Pix.
If you get lost or need info, look for one of the Neon Yellow  TBOX TEAM people or the Security Team in Vests!


We will announce the BeadQuest Chicago Mardi Gras Bar Crawl Packet Pickup Times and Places in Wrigleyville sometime in Early 2019, in advance of the event.  We usually provide 1-3 days before the event to come and get your t-shirt and badge and wristband, as well as the morning of the event. Stay tuned!



Shown here are the t-shirts from the BeadQuest 2018 Bar Crawl – TBOX makes the nicest, softest fashion tees, and we will have similar shirts and/or gym bags for #BeadQuest2018, and will update this page and announce them in early 2019 once we have our event dates set!

We will also update you on other bonus goodies, food, drinks, and items included with BeadQuest 2019 as the date approaches.


TBOX gives out many coupons, gift cards, and other fun, valuable vouchers for local bars, restaurants, and other service establishments. The 2019 Goodies will be announced shortly in advance of #BeadQuest2019 when tickets go on sale.


We have a TON of fun stuff for you to do all day at the BeadQuest Wrigleyville Bar Crawl and You WILL BE ENTERTAINED!! What makes TBOX Bar Crawls different from their competitors and imitators is that we focus on FUN and not just going from bar to bar drinking!   First off, the entire day is a giant scavenger hunt to collect the 10 Different Beads and put them on to complete your mission for the day!! When you do at the end, we will take your picture in our world-famous PICTURE FRAMES (another TBOX Bar Crawls Invention!!) and you’ll be entered to win great prizes.  The whole day is a giant, fun, friendly, social, wild adventure where you’ll make new friends (and lovers??!??!?!) and have a blast with your squad!


Our Sponsor Drink & Food Specials will be announced a couple of months before the event date. We typically have $3-4-5 Bud Light, Goose Island, and Mixed Drink Specials along with Food Deals!


The entire event will take place in the bars and restaurants of Wrigleyville, Chicago, within a 2-4 block walking area. The bars will be very close together and it will typically be less than a 3 minute walk from bar to bar.  Before the event, we will publish a graphic map showing the locations of all bars in Wrigleyville participating in the #BeadQuest2019 TBOX Mardi Gras Pub Crawl Event. Bars that are typically included are: Rizzo’s Bar & Inn, John Barleycorn, Moe’s Cantina, Irish Oak, Country Club, Deuce’s & Diamond, and more great Wrigley venues!



All the bars for #BeadQuest2019 Mardi Gras Pub Crawl in Wrigleyville, Chicago will be announced in early 2019 in advance of the event, which will take place on a Saturday in late February. We will list the names & addresses of all venues here, and the time and schedule will be printed on the badges ONLY for event participants. Among the bars typically included in the TBOX Mardi Gras Crawl are: Cubby Bear, Old Crow Smokehouse, Roadhouse 66, Deuce’s & Diamond, Irish Oak, Moe’s Cantina, Sports Corner, Brickhouse, and many more great Wrigley bars.


The BeadQuest Chicago Mardi Gras Bar Crawl Event is a celebration of color – namely, Purple, Gold, Yellow, Green, and anything crazy that brings in the spirit of Mardi Gras. As you can see from the pictures, people dress in crazy skirts, dresses, and pants, wear feather boas, wigs, hats, other accessories, and you can also wear the Purple or Green Tee Shirt we give you when you buy your ticket.  You will also be adding THOUSANDS of beads to your outfit throughout the day, so by the end of the crawl, you’ll be all decked out like you’re on Bourbon Street in New Orleans!  It’s not required to go all out, but feel free to dress as crazy as you like.

This section will be updated within a month before the 2019 Edition of BeadQuest, but you are welcome to browse through if you are curious!

What Do I Do Once I Buy My Ticket?

You will receive instructions via email telling you the times and places you can pick up your wristband and badge required for participation, along with t-shirt and other goodies. This will be announced shortly before the event date.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Cover Your Bases is for 21+ Only.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Wrigleyville is accessible via the Addison/Wrigley Field Red Line Stop, as well as the 156 Addison and 22 Clark Buses

What's the refund / transfer policy?

There are NO REFUND or Price Adjustments on tickets, but you may transfer the ticket to another person before the event. Notify TBOX Bar Crawls of who you have authorized to redeem your ticket.

Do I have to come the whole time? Can I start later?

Once you get your wristband and badge, you can jump in anytime and leave anytime, BUT, we highly recommend doing the whole thing or going “Wire to Wire” as we call it!  You will get a much better experience of the whole day if you do that!

Do you have any paid affiliates or opportunity to get free tickets for doing promotion?

Yes – please contact TBOX Bar Crawls if you’d like to find out how to get free tickets in exchange for helping promote the event through social media.

What Other Events are Coming Up?

The 23rd Annual Original 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl, #TBOX2018, is set for December 8, 2018, in Wrigleyville, Chicago, and tickets will go on sale on Eventbrite late spring 2018! Don’t miss this one!


Currently, we have Group Discounts for 2+ Tickets Available here in the ticket section. We have made available discounted single tickets as well with no coupon necessary. However, you may still be able to get a special discount by Joining our TBOX Facebook Group and asking one of our Royal Court Members for their personal discount code! For our upcoming events, we always post Early Bird Discounts and special offers in this group too. Additionally, you can Follow Us on Instagram where we sometimes post special discounts.

Public Free Ticket Offers are closed for this event, but for future events, Follow Us on Instagram and join our Facebook Group where we have many Free Ticket Contests and Surveys! We usually do this a little further in advance of events. Also, we will be offering free tickets for people who help us promote on Social Media and Add People to Our Facebook Invitations. Contact Us for details.



TBOX Bar Crawls is providing a wide range of opportunites for party people out there to make money promoting our events via social media and in person to their friends and network!  We have completed our recruiting of promoters and affiliates for #CYB2018, but will be doing much more for our upcoming 2018 events including the big one, #TBOX2018, Festa’s 23rd Annual Twelve Bars of Xmas Bar Crawl in Wrigleyville this December 8.  For more information, Contact Us Via Email or Call 773-478-3378


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TBOX Bar Crawls has donated over $263,000 to local charities since 2009, and we’re thrilled to be able to contribute and give back to the Chicago area and Lakeview Community that we call home!  We donate a percentage of all our annual event proceeds to charity, and will be making another series of large donations this fall and winter in coordination with the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce. For more information on our charitable contributions, please click here!