TBOX Badges & Numbers

For TBOX2017 CHRISTMAS VACATION, everyone will get a super cool laminated souvenir badge to wear on the day of and keep afterwards. We’re designing it now and will reveal it soon, but for now, take a look at the badges from past years, how badges started, and why there is a number on your badge!


We featured the ROYAL COURT on our Official Badge to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of TBOX in 2015 to celebrate TBOX THE MOTION PICTURE!


Why Does Your Badge Have a Number? Well, it all started back in 1998 at TBOX3. As we described in “The Early Days of TBOX,” that was the year when attendance jumped from around 60 to over 350. Shocked by the turnout, we decided to start writing numbers on people’s hands to count how many people were there. Soon, it became like, a THING, to get your hand written on, and then, it became a THING to get a cool number, but it was just up to Chris Festa to write the numbers on everyone’s hands, and it became quite laborious.

When TBOX7 was coming, we thought it would be cool to make actual badges to identify people on the crawl. With some help from our friends, (and the color printers and laminating machines from their offices) the tradition of badges began.

For the next couple of years, our process was: get cardstock paper; beg and borrow to try to have the things printed on color printers somewhere; have them cut into quarters and then thirds, laminate them all by hand, then hole punch each one. We want to thank our friend Amir who actually did donate his printing services to helping us out from 2003-2005!

But starting with TBOX in 2007, we’ve custom created the professional badges in the format you see today, and they are intended as a keepsake for your scrapbook of party memories! When you come in, ask for a “cool” number and we’ll try to give you one from our special stash.

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