What to Wear to TBOX 2021

TBOX 2021 – is it a Christmas / Holiday Bar Crawl, or is it a 90s-Themed Bar Crawl?  The answer is – BOTH!

Due to the relentless creativity of TBOX Founder Mr. Festa, starting in ’09, he started a yearly THEME for TBOX (See Past Themes) – to keep it fresh for people who came out every year – and just because it was Fun to do!  Past themes have included, Summer Camp, TBOX Zoo, TBOX The Motion Picture, TBOX Amusement Park, “TBOX-OPOLY” and more.

To Celebrate Year 25, we’re going BACK TO THE 90s!  TBOX was founded in 1996, and we’re doing a Throwback to those carefree days!  The Friends Reunion has really popularized 90s Nostalgia, and Mr. Festa loved the idea of the reliving the decade of his young adulthood for TBOX 25. Think  – Seinfeld, Blockbuster, Nirvana, The Bulls Dynasty, Young Britney, 2Pac, Dial Up Internet, and much much more!  So, we recommend EITHER a Crazy Over-the-Top Holiday Outfit – OR – a 90s-Themed Outfit!

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