Thanks for Making #TBOX2021 Amazing! Photos, Charity, & More!

Thank you to EVERYONE who came to TBOX2021, Festa’s 25th Annual Original 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl in Chicago.  It was a beautiful, sunny day on the streets of Wrigleyville as Thousands of Costumed Bar Crawlers celebrated from 10AM to 7PM and then for our after-party at Cubby Bear.

Thanks to everyone who dressed so incredibly festively in Holiday / Christmas Costumes as well as for the BACK TO THE 90S / 1990s Theme!

Festa Parties Incorporated, Producers of TBOX, Donated $15,000 to the Lakeview East Community Partnership, and helped raise additional funds for 8 great local charities who served as our bar hosts.  We also donated a nice batch of food including several CASES of CEREAL to our friends at the Lakeview Pantry food bank, whom we’ve donated to since 2012.


We’d like to thank the following people and organizations for their support!

  • The Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce for all their help & support
  • Lisa Hogan, for her brilliant and creative work to help TBOX go forward smoothly & fantastic!
  • Julie Schopper, for doing AMAZING leading our Week-Before-TBOX Customer Service Team and working tirelessly 5 straight days at Murphy’s!  And our staff Tyra, Jenny, Ashley, Isabelle, and the others that helped so much, including our super friends who couldn’t make it this year, Sean Biggins and Kat Ochsner, and to our tirelessly supportive friends, Kristina and Yurit!  Thanks also to our awesome cereal mavens, Noelle & Mary Rose!
  • Bud Light, Goose Island, Natty Light, & Lakeshore Beverage for their 8th Year of TBOX Bar Crawls Sponsorship
  • Murphy’s Bleachers, for hosting us again for check-in, as they have since 2015
  • Our bar hosts, Cupid Chicasgo, Lakeview Pantry, Sarah’s Circle, Kids Have Hope, Kids Above All, Southside Center of Hope, BCRF, and Jumping Beans Chicago
  • The AMAZING DJ KEV ROKKEN for killing it on the Karaoke and DJ’ing 90s Tunes all day at Cubby Bear – truly amazing!!!
  • The Wolf of Wrigley, for being a great friend and promoter of TBOX!
  • The Management & Staff of Cubby Bear, who were so awesome with all of our requests, and for hosting the Opening & Closing Ceremonies for the 14th Year in a Row!!! (Since 2007)
  • All of the 29 Wrigleyville Bars & Restaurants that hosted TBOX
  • Our friends from our fellow bar crawl company, Chicago 20Something, that helped us with producing the event and who we look forward to working with in the future
  • Everyone who attended TBOX and supported our business during this difficult time, and everyone who dressed SO AMAZING
  • To the City of Chicago, 44th Ward, 19th CPD, Chicago Special Events, and our Security Team for supporting TBOX2021
  • All those who donated to our food drive for Lakeview Pantry and who donated to our 7 other local charity bar hosts
  • All the members of our Royal Court who made it to TBOX2022 and are a great group of people!  All the Chris’s, Fuji, Kathy W, Jason L, Iowa Eric, Antoinette, Scotty, who doesn’t know, and last but not least, Caity from the A-Team!
  • The Wonderful Band GRUNGE CANDY, who performed in the morning and evening for us, and were so kind to let TBOX Founder and NOT A PROFESSIONAL SINGER Christopher Festa sing with them… Come As You Are by Nirvana in the Morning, and the TBOX Classics, My Own Worst Enemy and All The Small Things in the Evening!  Thanks for training me and trusting me to do a good job up there with you professionals! 🙂
  • Our friend Chris P, who kept his streak alive of being the only person to go to ALL 26 TBOX’s, and to my Best and Oldest Chicago Friends, Bill & Goze, who’ve been to every TBOX since 2002 (and most before that!) – and to the great American pub crawlers and friend, Tony Y!  Also, thanks so much to “Number Two Number Two” Seattle Greg for coming back to TBOX for the first time since 2009!

Thanks so much and see you all at our upcoming events – BeadQuest on Feb 26, Cover Your Bases on May 14, and TBOX #26 on December 10!!  Happy New Year and God Bless you All!!!
– Christopher “Mr. Festa” Festa


TBOX 2021 Group Photo - Royal Court - 12 Bars of Xmas Chicago Christmas Crawl

TBOX2021 Event Highlights